23 September - 23 October

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign Libra

Libra is an active sign, however, people who have bothered to be born under it are not endowed with enough energy to overcome the influence of the people around them, and will rather choose to withdraw into themselves rather than a stubborn struggle. Being endowed with a sufficient amount of strength to implement any decisions in life, the Libra sign spends too much time on making them, considering all sorts of options and conditions, missing in the end the necessary time to commit an act. It is not possible to force the representative of this sign to act immediately, in this situation he will make every effort to completely relieve him of responsibility for what is happening.

When the decision is made, Libra does not step back from the choice made and at the level of intuition distributes efforts so as to achieve the set goals, choosing them consistently depending on their importance. It is extremely important that this sign never deviates from the chosen path, regardless of the surrounding temptations.

Libra Sign

Actively participating in disputes and disputes, Libras stand not only on their point of view, how much they enjoy the intellectual fight. Occasionally they provoke conflicts solely in order to be able to defend against enemy attacks.

During periods of life, when the energy of Libra weakens, they turn into closed and low-talk people. One gets the impression that these people are accumulating strength to make a new leap, which they will surely think over and verify down to the smallest details, although it is possible that they will be a little late.

People born under the sign of Libra are most often blessed with friendliness, modesty and charm. They try not to be offended by trifles and not to hurt loved ones, whose desires and aspirations are guessed by their unique intuition. Libra's gift of predicting the future cannot but surprise, especially when combined with lightness in character, not overshadowed by mystical forebodings. From the outside, they are lucky and cheerful, ready for open communication, but their nature is full of contradictions, therefore in some periods of life they become real monsters.

All Libra have two lives: one is seen by all those around them, the other they live alone

The dark side of Libra is as unattractive as their light side is attractive. From time to time they become nervous, capricious, even angry, which poses a risk to friendship, which requires completely different emotions and feelings.

Libra's lifestyle is fickle. Their indefatigability and activity is replaced by sheer apathy, when nothing can interest them and captivate. Books are an exception. She likes to read this sign due to her unique ability to concentrate, and even on complex scientific works, from the processing of which they get incomparable pleasure.

Libras, knowing that their character is fickle, try to approach life situations as rationally as possible and make only premeditated decisions, but they themselves, without hesitation, falling under the influence of the crowd, do things that no one expects of them. Libras are sorely lacking in the ability to rely on their intuition. If they learn to do this, they can avoid many serious mistakes.

Libras should learn not to hide from their problems, but to choose some kind of solution and immediately do what is decided

Male Libras are generous in spending money and giving advice that not everyone can follow. Possessing cold calculation and logic, they neglect human psychology, considering it an insignificant factor. Their wishes are often full of criticism, in which friendly support is completely absent. Paying attention to the mistakes of others, men of this sign do not pay attention to their own, and therefore look overly complacent and callous.

Libra women are adorable, but they have typically masculine features and they know about it. The charm and light character of the lady of this sign hides a stern and firm disposition. Nevertheless, its representatives do not flaunt their superiority over other people, so they are incredibly pleasant and sweet when communicating.

Libra Man

Libra sign element

The Libra element is considered Air, which overwhelms their character with some elusiveness and inconstancy. Libra tries not to trust strangers. They should be present in any business, even invisibly, with the ability to disappear at any moment in an unknown direction.

People of this sign put their relatives and friends in a gentle cloud of unobtrusive desire, turning into a suffocating and blackest smoke, as soon as Libra is in a bad mood.

Libra draws unique knowledge as if out of thin air, to comprehend and learn for them is a natural process, like breathing. The information received constantly does not complicate the life of the representatives of this sign. Anything that causes anxiety and stress instantly dissipates in their minds, akin to morning fog.

Career in the life of Libra and the profession of this sign

Physical labor is completely contraindicated for Libra. Under this constellation, thinkers are born rather than workers. Large loads will negatively affect the health of Libra, rather than be able to raise their vitality.

Libra is easiest to do business, but they do not become high-class businessmen due to lack of interest in money and lack of business acumen. In addition, the market is constantly demanding quick decisions, which Libra makes with great difficulty.

The ability to rationally discuss and assess the situation from different angles makes this sign useful in social activities and lawmaking. Loving and knowing how to analyze the future in small details, it turns them into good designers, writers of the fantastic genre and scientists-futurists.

Libra needs sincere and beautiful feelings ... After all, Libra are still romantics: it is important for them that everything is beautiful ...

When choosing a profession, Libras should pay attention to a narrow profile, since broad specialization negatively affects their mental abilities. Having a predisposition to medical sciences, a person of this sign will be able to become an excellent professional in the chosen direction, but outside of it he will feel extreme uncertainty in his abilities.

In terms of career, Libra is usually unstable. Their business life looks like a series of ups and downs, nevertheless with smooth transitions and low amplitude. Libras usually have a predominant creative potential, but they are mainly hindered from serving art, for example, by thoughts about artists, whose genius was noticed all over the world too late. Falling into a panic in front of obscurity and poverty, Libra often chooses practice, and thanks to the ability to study the subject deeply and gather knowledge together, they achieve success.

Libra Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Libra has the ability to love, but marriage almost always does not bring them happiness. They fall into reflections on each of their actions and analyze any word of their chosen one, finding in it a hidden meaning, which, in principle, was not invested.

Another enemy of Libra in matters of the heart can be considered their exactingness. They dream of complete, reckless and absolute happiness, with all this, finding in relationships with the other half many reasons for disappointment and grief.

In general, Libra usually always has many friends, and affairs on the love front are built on the principle of friendship, putting forward intellectual partnership in the first place, and not the reckless support of a loved one in any conditions. Among Libra, you can also find extremely callous people capable of humiliation, trying to offend a loved one, justifying themselves by the fact that they are pursuing the best motives, and they consider any reproaches to be groundless. There are also people among Libra who surround their beloved with attention and tenderness, but do not forget about their interests, investing less money and energy in their life together than they receive in return. Libras are not able to sacrifice themselves, even if they are madly in love.

People born under this zodiac sign are very cheerful and loyal to their friends, family and friends. This way, whenever you meet a Libra, you will have the feeling that they can never hurt you

The first years of marriage are the most difficult for Libra, especially if it is concluded with a self-sufficient and decisive person. Over the years, the difference in characters is slightly smoothed out, however, Libra, as if from old memory, tirelessly awaits a trick, getting tired of this, and tired of their chosen one.

A union made between two Libra is both bad and unlikely. Both representatives of the sign hesitate for too long, and, for sure, none of them will be able to take a step towards each other.

An unsuccessful relationship will be with Gemini, where one partner fluctuates endlessly, and the other shows fickleness, which will in no way lead to heart harmony.

Libra will be able to balance the indefatigable energy of the Scorpio sign, and in several cases - fill the bachelor life of the usually closed Cancer with new colors.

Beautiful, charming and always smiling Libra easily conquer others, but they are hardly carried away by themselves. They demandingly choose a partner for themselves, do not rush into the arms of the first candidate who comes along who beckons them. Even being in a state of love, Libra does not lose their inherent selfishness, but this only attracts more and more fans to their person.

Libra needs, like no one else, absolute confidence that they are loved. Confidence, more than once backed by deeds

The erotic life of this sign is often a real work of art. They are endowed with the ability to receive pleasure from everything that sexual relations give, while not falling into reckless passion. Sometimes Libra has several romantic attachments at the same time, but not because of their promiscuity, but only because you need to choose the best partner from all, knowing everything in comparison.

Sometimes Libra can even have sexual intercourse without any special feelings, perhaps long extinct. With their characteristic resourcefulness, they provide arguments confirming the fact that parting with the person they previously loved should not come yet. In addition, Libra in most cases does not have pronounced cruelty, and therefore does not want to inflict mental anguish even on those whom they no longer love at all.

Love failures haunt Libra constantly, just for the reason that they fall into reasoning more in situations where active actions are required of them. Nevertheless, those born under this sign are endowed with an enviable ability not to focus their attention on romantic disappointments, just for the reason that they find someone to find comfort with.

Love in the life of the Libra sign

Libra health

Libra almost never complains about either physical or mental health, in addition, they try not to overload and not overwork. However, the desire for solitude during difficult life periods sometimes leads them into depression, which affects primarily the most vulnerable places, which are the kidneys and liver.

There is no story sadder in the world than the story of Libra-owls, who, by the will of fate, have to live like larks

Libra, engaged in manual labor, suffer from unbearable pain in the back. Others for hard work are calculated with a headache that does not respond to treatment, but disappears for a long time on its own.

Libra people are rarely thin. Many of them often overeat, do not exercise, while others pay with their health for an excessive love of alcoholic products.

Libra's culinary preferences

Libras are mostly gourmets. They appreciate good wines and sweets. No one can blame them for promiscuity or insatiability. True, this sign usually chooses what is not useful. For example, he relies on cakes and cakes instead of wholemeal bread, prefers smoked sausage, neglecting stews, and also prefers spicy, fatty sauces over aromatic spices and herbs.

Libras need to monitor the presence in their daily menu of greens, meat, seafood, fortified with sodium and potassium cherry juice.

Libra Child

Libra children cannot but rejoice at their parents and other relatives. They almost do not cause trouble. These kids are always diligent, obedient, accurate, reasonable, always in a good mood. They have a great sense of humor and are often delicate. A serious problem in the singular is their extreme reluctance (or even inability) to make decisions on their own. As a result, the child of this sign prefers to obey his parents in everything, or to find an example to follow among his peers - unfortunately, this is not always a good example.

The sooner the child's mom and dad begin to praise any aspirations for independence and independence of judgment of their crumbs, the better. It is not advisable to encourage bad deeds and actions performed by mistake, however, it is simply necessary to give the child a chance to think carefully about everything and draw a conclusion on his own.

Libra would very much like to press the “DO NOT THINK” button at least sometimes and just enjoy life ... What Libra says and what they feel are often different things

Libra children strive to participate in the affairs of adults, therefore they adopt their habits. Nevertheless, for the most part, they overestimate themselves, trying to take on overwhelming things, after suffering from overwork, which affects the emotional background. The kids of this sign are by no means superficial, they love to reflect on unpleasant topics and sort out old grievances. It will be a plus if the parents of such a crumbs know how to enjoy life, since the child will be able to positively relate to everything around in the future.

The Libra baby is often a sickly child. He is constantly haunted by allergies, colds and other ailments. Parents should temper the Libra, teach them to exercise regularly and eat well.

Child Libra

Another significant feature of the small representatives of this sign is their excessive sensitivity. Libra is sensitive to loud and harsh sounds, neglects bright colors, and feels discomfort in clothes made of prickly materials. Such babies usually receive rich artistic, musical or artistic abilities from nature. The main thing is to find a competent use for these talents.

Libra personalities

Kir Bulychev, Nicholas Roerich, Sting, Margaret Thatcher, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Charles Saint-Saens, Louis Boussinard, Luciano Pavarotti, Watteau, Giuseppe Verdi, Aleister Crowley, Donna Karan, Denis Diderot, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jimmy Carter, Richard Sorge Michael Douglas, Miguel de Cervantes, Mahatma Gandhi, Thor Heyerdahl, Chris de Burgh, Arthur Rimbaud, Niels Bohr, Keith Winslet, Oscar Wilde, John Lennon, Graham Greene, William Boeing, Bouger.

Compatibility Libra

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Libra

Mayor of London
1 Place
British politician
2 Place
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
3 Place
English singer and television personality
4 Place
English professional footballer
5 Place
American actor
6 Place
English comedian
7 Place
Scottish professional footballer
8 Place
English actress
9 Place
Greek filmmaker
10 Place
Dutch professional tennis player
11 Place
English actor
12 Place
English comedian
13 Place
Australian tennis coach
14 Place
Scots writer
15 Place
Australian singer
16 Place
Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP)
17 Place
American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL)
18 Place
TV presenter on BBC Radio 1
19 Place
Danish professional football coach and former amateur player
20 Place
English actor
21 Place
British hereditary peer and film and television producer
22 Place
Minister of State for Countering Illegal Migration
23 Place
British politician
24 Place
English actor
25 Place
Member of Parliament for Northampton North
26 Place
Czech-American former professional tennis player
27 Place
Scottish businesswoman
28 Place
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
29 Place
Canadian professional soccer player
30 Place
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