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Zodiac sign Scorpio



23 October - 22 November

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is a strong sign, but at the same time passive. Talking to one of his representatives, you will certainly notice this. Scorpio will never betray his indignation, will not pounce on you with fists, but will accumulate resentment, which then will result in poisonous revenge. Withstanding time, Scorpios achieve certain results, that is why they have almost no strong enemies, nevertheless, the circle of ill-wishers is constantly growing.

Scorpio from the outside seems purposeful, but in truth, only in small things. He will not infringe upon himself in any way for the sake of unrealizable future prospects.

Scorpio sign

The attitude of the representative of this sign to the surrounding world develops depending on what he was able to achieve in his life. Unsuccessful Scorpios are often selfish and greedy, and those who are at the top of Olympus do good deeds to a large number of people.

Scorpios are selfish by nature, but philanthropy is not alien to them. Nevertheless, this quality must not only be encouraged, but even cultivated in him due to the fact that he is not capable of it himself.

The bulk of people born under this sign have a vivid personality and do not leave anyone indifferent to their person. Throughout their lives, Scorpios face a large number of trials, thanks to which they cultivate ambition and will.

Misbehaving with a Scorpio is like ordering your death wish with sarcasm

Different Scorpio people have different types of traits and personalities. Under this sign one can find mystics and materialists, slaves of their own low passions and humanists, people of rare stupidity and colossal intellect. When you get to know a Scorpio, you will see that he is an interesting person, but at the same time dangerous. It will be almost impossible to relax in his presence.

Usually Scorpios are not interested in the opinion of others, they express their own even when this is not required at all, forgetting about decency and tact. Their judgments are independent to such an extent that they sincerely and easily refute the well-known fact, and it will be unrealistic to convince them. In addition, they do not want to compromise, or they simply do not know how.

Some experts in the field of astrology distinguish three types of Scorpions: noble, poisonous and "gray lizards". How to identify a Scorpio: They won't talk if they don't talk. But once they do, they can talk for hours

The noble ones are reasonable and just, almost not selfish and have high intelligence. Poisonous ones are merciless and greedy, vindictive and embittered. The latter variety is weak, therefore not so dangerous. They can be outwardly harmless, shy, quietly hate, but with a suitable opportunity to bite the hand of even a loved one.

Men of this sign are both cunning and strong, so it is difficult to defeat them, both in a behind-the-scenes fight and in an open fight. They are sharp-minded but unemotional. Decisions are made independently of anyone, relying solely on their own choice.

A Scorpio woman can give the impression of being defenseless and weak, but at the same time possess incredible strength. She has the ability to subjugate anyone who comes into her field of vision. Scorpios have a very developed intuition, but most of them just change the future the way they want. In her feelings, a woman of this sign cannot find a middle ground - she hates and loves strongly at the same time, often the same man.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio sign element

Scorpio is a water sign. People born under it are usually unpredictable, impetuous and open in expressing their strength. Scorpio has always been associated with a stormy stream that sweeps away everything in its path. No obstacles are able to keep him and stop.

Scorpio's life is always full of bright events and hectic. One gets the impression of going down a mountain river with a lot of waterfalls and rapids. Only after reaching adulthood, Scorpio begins to understand where to direct the energy that fell out to him, and until that moment he chokes on water and earns bruises, hitting pitfalls.

Scorpio differs from Cancer in that he is not at all worried about the treasures of the bottom of the sea. He simply, like a Pisces, will not seek for himself the most suitable and safe current. The water of the Scorpio sign is endlessly boiling, and if it suddenly calms down, it is better to be on your guard, because after a calm there is always a strong storm.

Career in the life of a Scorpio and the profession of this sign

Scorpios are given the ability to influence people. In addition, they are brilliant speakers who perfectly combine a variety of communication techniques. In this regard, among the representatives of this sign, you can find many politicians, sales consultants and insurance agents. It is better not to dwell on this, because the personality of Scorpios has many facets. For example, talented artists, outstanding philosophers and demanded occultists can emerge from them.

Scorpios will find a common language and will be able to negotiate even with the most demanding and capricious partner. The gift of a peacemaker is in their blood, so resolving any conflict for this sign is a simple task.

Scorpio Worst Case: Powerful

Scorpios can also be realized in the field of medicine, most often in diagnostics. They are not afraid to take risks and resort to non-traditional methods of treatment, therefore they often perform complex operations that require deep knowledge and qualifications.

Among the Scorpios, you can find a large number of inventors, however, there are few implementers among them. If there is an experienced colleague performer next to this sign, this will help Scorpio achieve triumph in various branches of science.

Scorpio Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

In the arena of love, Scorpios are considered dangerous partners, inflicting wounds in the heart of others, without even intending to do so. Their life in marriage is disharmonious. For the most part, representatives of this sign turn into domestic tyrants, or because they quickly adapt to the situation, they lose their “I” and are in a state of discomfort.

Outwardly, they give their chosen one a sea of ​​freedom, but secretly they suffer from jealousy and suspicion. Sometimes they even stoop to spying and reading other people's letters, which does not paint them in any way. Scorpios expect complete trust from a partner and never forgive him for such oversights.

If a Scorpio in a pair takes a leading position, he first feels like the happiest person in the world, after that he tries in every possible way to condemn the partner for his weaknesses, and himself for making the wrong choice.

Why You Will Love Scorpio: He is strong and sexy, Scorpio will make you fall in love before you know it

People of this sign are able to feel real joy on the love front exclusively with a person who, depending on the situation, can insist on his own or make concessions.

A marriage that is far from ideal, Scorpio can combine with a whirlwind romance on the side, into which he throws himself headlong, regardless of the opinions of others. Scorpios build their happiness without taking into account generally accepted norms and traditions, because they are convinced that no one has the right to condemn and give advice on how to not act and how to live better.

In terms of sex, the life of Scorpios throughout their life period does not go smoothly enough. In their youth, they behave chastely and they are quite satisfied with platonic experiences. In adulthood, they already have sufficient experience, and not always positive.

Scorpios incredibly, almost magically, attract people of the opposite sex. They are greedy for lovemaking and are so liberated in bed that they look promiscuous and loose from the outside.

Scorpios are the most unconditional lovers you can be awarded

However, as much as Scorpios do not like erotic pleasures, they are still ambitious and sometimes can absolutely abstain from sex if they understand that their reputation will affect their career growth. Scorpios are very often offered to use intimate communication for the device of their own life, they begin to be indignant about this, rejecting the proposal, and then secretly regret it.

Even without starting a full-fledged romance, Scorpios continue to attract and charm their new victims. They are incredibly charming, and not everyone is able to resist their natural charms. Scorpios choose interesting, attractive and intelligent partners. They spread their vibes extremely generously, which can negatively affect their reputation in the business community.

It should be noted that a short-term romance with a representative of this sign is perceived by their partners as a bright and grandiose event in life, all because they are erotically unpredictable, and this strikes people right in the heart.

Love in the life of the sign of Scorpio

Scorpio health

Most often, Scorpio is born healthy and resists disease until old age. His body has the peculiarity of independently accumulating its health. In addition, Scorpios are in good physical condition, enjoy sports and moderate physical activity. True, upon reaching adulthood, they acquire a tendency toward obesity.

Fate replenishes the gifts of nature for Scorpios with their eternal bad luck, constantly confronting them with difficult trials, accidents that cannot but affect the state of the nervous system.

Scorpio can adhere to a certain diet, do a daily set of exercises and follow the daily routine, but at the same time spoil everything with negative reflections, and sometimes with narcotic drugs.

Scorpios give real, sugar-free advice

Scorpions also have diseases of the cardiovascular system, the exacerbation of which occurs during the most difficult periods of life.

Another painful point in most Scorpios is the legs and back. Spinal ailments, as well as varicose veins, make themselves felt in adulthood and old age.

Scorpio's culinary preferences

Scorpios in most cases follow a specific diet or adhere to one particular cuisine, considering it the best of all. They do not keep their brutal appetite within the framework, realizing that they will lose those extra pounds without any problems using physical activity.

Scorpios usually drink a lot of liquid, which includes not only tea, coffee, juices, water, but also alcohol, although this is not entirely healthy. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the liquid with vegetables and juicy fruits, and exclude coffee, red and black tea and switch to green tea.

People of this sign should eat dairy products, meat, especially veal and beef every day.

Scorpios are susceptible to odors, so aromatic spices can provoke various manifestations of allergies in them.

Scorpio child

Scorpio, even a very small one, manifests itself as a real warrior. He is assertive, stubborn, brave, generally endowed with a fighting character. The parents of such a child constantly face difficulties in raising him, because he always stubbornly stands his ground and does not make the slightest concessions, and if the adults give slack, he will start twisting ropes from them.

Scorpio, like no other, needs a loving mentor, but at the same time, strong enough. A child born under this sign needs to be disciplined so that he can get the best of his emotions, become independent from mood changes and other influences. It is important to develop the child's ability to be compassionate, tolerant, forgiving and forgiving people. Strong character is an incomparable virtue of Scorpios. However, without warmth and sincerity, they will not be able to communicate with others and enjoy interacting with loving people.

Scorpio has patience, but when you run out of it you better watch out

It is important for adults not to forget that Scorpio has its own secrets, even though they are innocent and childish. Do not invade his inner world using brute force, because everyone should have their own territory, closed from others. The adolescents of this sign are especially zealous for the right to privacy. Parents try to cheat in order to keep the child under vigilant control and receive information about what he is doing.

Scorpio children have a large supply of energy and vitality. It seems that it is completely impossible to tire them. However, representatives of this sign find it difficult to cope with their destructive impulses. It is most difficult during adolescence. Scorpios should spend energy on peaceful purposes, improve self-discipline and get used to regular work, therefore astrologers advise to engage in various sports and dance.

Child Scorpio

Strong intuition is another equally important feature of this sign. If there is a discord in the parental relationship, the child himself will understand this, because realizing what someone else's secret or secret is, they acquire power over people.

Personalities born under the sign of Scorpio

Hillary Clinton, Emma Stone, Katy Perry, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Auguste Rodin, Christopher Columbus, Astrid Lindgren, Joe Dassin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pablo Picasso, William Herschel, Bill Gates, Peta Wilson, Alfred Maradona, Diego Maradona , Chris Norman, Whoopi Goldberg, Niccolo Paganini, Vanessa May, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Alain Delon, Cesare Lombroso, Maya Plisetskaya, Nestor Makhno, Eros Ramazzotti, Indira Gandhi, Ted Turner.

Compatibility Scorpio

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Scorpio

Chancellor of the Exchequer
1 Place
46th President of the United States
3 Place
Dutch professional footballer
4 Place
English television presenter
5 Place
German football manager
6 Place
English politician
7 Place
British professional tennis player
8 Place
English television presenter
9 Place
10 Place
British director
11 Place
English actress
12 Place
American actor
13 Place
English actor
14 Place
English actor
15 Place
English former professional footballer
16 Place
English professional footballer
17 Place
Turkish-British novelist
18 Place
Scottish politician
19 Place
Spanish football manager
20 Place
Scottish television writer
21 Place
American television personality
22 Place
CEO Asset Management of Credit Suisse
23 Place
professional footballer
24 Place
Editor-in-Chief of Vogue
25 Place
British television presenter
26 Place
American television personality
27 Place
English professional rugby union player
28 Place
Australian DJ and music producer
29 Place
English actress
30 Place
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