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21 May - 21 June

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign Gemini

Gemini is no doubt an active sign, however, their energy and strength lacks the constant direction that is necessary in order to achieve success.

Gemini sometimes cannot bring a distant goal closer, at the same time, they have no equal in anything small. The practicality given to them from birth provides an opportunity to successfully and deftly cope with daily affairs, turning life into a comfortable and pleasant one, although sometimes without taking into account the interests of the people around them.

Gemini Sign

Active and active Gemini begin to immediately perform a million tasks at the same time, but complete only the simplest of them, plus two or three of the most significant for themselves.

The dignity of Gemini is that they know all their weak points very well, and therefore they are ashamed to use the help of others if it turns out to be difficult to cope on their own. Representatives of this sign usually have a lot of friends - Gemini are quite sociable, they know how to please and show friendliness.

Gemini sees the relationship between things, which may be completely unrelated to each other. They think paradoxically, in addition to this, they have bright insights that appear completely unexpectedly.

It should be added that Gemini always show wit, but sometimes they turn out to be angry with the tongue. Friends from them receive only one compliment, but enemies, in turn, cannot be envied. Moreover, any of Gemini's friends can become an enemy at any time.

Gemini have a habit of annoying people just for their own pleasure

Gemini differs from other signs of the zodiac by a certain duality of nature and inconstancy in most of their manifestations. They have the ability to assess the situation from both sides at the same time, they can harbor hatred and love for a person at the same time, sometimes not at all understanding the complexity of the nature of the feelings experienced.

Gemini is much more changeable than the weather. They could be considered completely unbearable if not for their natural charm. Gemini wants to communicate. It's always interesting with them, as they travel non-stop. Gemini easily gain new knowledge, sometimes completely useless, and share it with great willingness.

Gemini is an extremely observant sign, but they cannot get any benefit from it. The bad news is that they are often suspicious, finding fault with little things and interpreting them in the wrong way. Gemini can envy you, in addition, they are sure that there are only envious people around them. Sometimes, they see enemies even in people close to them.

Even if Gemini is going through the worst of times, they keep going forward because they know there is light at the end of the tunnel

Understanding Gemini is not an easy task. Many people consider them to be hypocritical, not even suspecting that Gemini lies in the first place to themselves.

In the life of Gemini, everything is always ambiguous, even in terms of how the stars relate to them. On the one hand, their intentions are fickle, but on the other, they face challenges that develop in them such qualities as determination and perseverance.

Gemini men are engaged in the development of the circle of their interests throughout their lives, but in the direction of the set goal they move in the easiest way, nevertheless, not directly. His choice for them is instinctive. Interest on their part can relate to various things, and they are seriously carried away by only one, and take risks without feeling fear of anything.

Gemini women have good erudition and a developed mind. They learn easily, besides, they have practical ingenuity. The Gemini lady can rarely distinguish between minor and important. She looks absent-minded, but without any tension can pull herself together before the upcoming jerk.

Gemini Man

Gemini sign element

Gemini, being representatives of the air element, have a light character, changeable like the wind.

Gemini is elusive and easy-going. They occupy an important place in any team, completely without taking into account other people's troubles and problems. It always becomes clear whether Gemini is present or not, since this sign "makes the weather" without making the slightest effort.

Of all the representatives of the sign of Air, to which Aquarius, Libra and Gemini belong, they are the most fickle, however, their character combines some coolness with freshness of perception in the best way. The main condition for Gemini life is their freedom. There is no way to keep the fresh wind blowing, which will return to your area after a while and thus delight you.

Career in the life of Gemini and the profession of this sign

Gemini has an artistic nature. They, of course, should shine on stage in the light of the footlights, nevertheless, it should be remembered that they cannot distinguish invented experiences from real ones, and therefore an acting career for the Gemini sign can negatively affect their well-being and health.

Scientific activity, especially theoretical, always proceeds successfully for Gemini. Representatives of this sign easily assimilate new material, delve into progressive ideas and try not to refute controversial theses until they themselves double-check them in practice.

Gemini people are afraid of being disappointed, so they don't open up to people easily

Gemini are usually excellent lawyers, lawyers and teachers. They are fascinated by many areas of life that require public speaking and attentiveness.

Diplomacy and a sense of tact accompany them in achieving success in political activity. However, a brilliant career can fail and collapse as a result of the mistake made by a young age.

The Gemini also succeed in the game on the stock exchange. They believe that they can decide everything, only following their intuition, but in truth, they manage to simultaneously take into account a large number of various points, and the decision is not long in coming.

Gemini Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Gemini often expect something that is impossible from a relationship, so their first love in most cases is unhappy.

Young Gemini tend to be fanatic and worship celebrities, most often actors, to whom they are inexorably drawn. Having experienced defeat in the love sphere, Gemini survives it for a long time, and much longer than anything else in their life.

A Gemini is truly able to be interested only in an extremely intelligent partner who will become both an interesting interlocutor and a good friend, capable of gaining new knowledge to expand his horizons, just like the tireless Gemini himself.

Gemini are in no hurry to enter into a marriage, if they are serious about marriage bonds - they do not like final decisions, in addition to everything else, they are like the devil of incense afraid of monotony and routine in family life. Nevertheless, it is surprising that they will be loyal to their partner for a long time, but the situation can change dramatically at any time.

Nevertheless, some part of Gemini can go to the other extreme, marrying just a few days after the acquaintance with a potential second half took place, which, unfortunately, turns out to be another. All this happens for the reason that Gemini is very amorous and is in a hurry to change the old life partner for someone new, no less worthy.

Gemini are truly free souls, driven by curiosity and the desire to know

Male twins are extremely resourceful in pursuit of the lady they like, but, having won her favor, they completely lose interest in the happy representative of the opposite sex charmed by them. They tirelessly test her patience for strength, breaking the union, and creating it again and again.

Gemini women are unpredictable at a young age and have a special irresistibility in maturity. Their amazing changeability fascinates and amazes, and Gemini refuses to recognize any restrictions that take place in family life.

A romance between two representatives of this sign can turn out to be happy, and maybe unhappy. Only one thing can be confidently asserted - the feeling that arose in this pair cannot simply be called love.

A relationship with Aries will be successful, but will not last long if they are not linked by common interests.

The combination of Gemini with Aquarius will be full of harmony, but this only concerns the romance between them, albeit overly passionate, but not marriage.

A wonderful union awaits the representatives of the sign with Capricorn, however, the latter will not be able to come to terms with the changeable character of Gemini. In general, of all earthly signs, Gemini will most of all like Taurus.

In a pair of Gemini-Pisces, doubts will often arise, and endless hesitation will not give you the pleasure of happiness with Libra.

Don't be alarmed if you catch a Gemini laughing accidentally or for no apparent reason

The sexual life of people born under the sign of Gemini is full of diversity - if not because of the large abundance of sexual partners, then because of the craving for new, incomparable sensations, the willingness to participate in bold experiments and the desire to diversify contacts with something exotic.

The twin will be able to give pleasure to almost every partner, remaining completely indifferent to him in his soul. In turn, Gemini requires genuine attention to himself, and realizing that the partner has grown cold towards him, puts up with this and loses all interest in him.

Thanks to the intuition mentioned earlier, Gemini are extremely pleasant lovers who understand any desire of a loved one, paying attention to the most subtle hints, and even being able to predict them in advance.

Gemini refers to those people whose relationship can be limited to only one night, which is what they strive for. Intimacy that does not require any obligations, devoid of boredom and routine - this is what this sign craves, needs it regularly, even when it is already in a permanent relationship.

Love in the life of Gemini sign

Gemini health

The dual character of the representatives of the Gemini sign quite often leads to conflict situations in their team and affects health in the most harmful way, since the nervous system cannot cope with the excessive load on it. Most Gemini are accompanied by insomnia throughout their lives, in addition, they absolutely do not know how to fully rest.

Gemini has a third eye that can always see what's really going on

Frequent changes in habits, including food cravings, lead to problems with the gastrointestinal tract of Gemini, especially this affects the intestines.

Gemini needs warmth from the sun and fresh air, as well as communication with pleasant people, active life and physical training.

Gemini are careless and careless, therefore they often face accidents.

Gemini's culinary preferences

Gemini, in terms of diet, prefer to eat what is useful, and at the level of intuition, they choose the menu they need at a given time. Representatives of this sign have a penchant for experimentation, as they like to try a variety of exotic dishes without fear of the culinary arts of distant countries.

Ideal food for Gemini should consist of a limited amount of carbohydrates and fats, and it will not hurt to add proteins that can be found in lean meats, eggs, caviar and mushrooms. Cheese, especially blue cheese, will bring special benefits to Gemini, in addition, nuts, cottage cheese, citrus fruits and, of course, fish.


Little Gemini, barely born, becomes the main reason for the regular anxiety of his parents. They are unusually restless and mobile, and also completely unpredictable, so one cannot even assume what the Gemini child will do in the next minute. Besides, he never ends up with questions. Gemini is interested in almost everything, and they consider their parents the best encyclopedia in the world, all because it is difficult for them to collect information from books due to their excessive impatience.

In a family with a Gemini child, adults should be aware of modern technologies and the latest inventions, fashion trends, events in politics and trends in music, and anywhere in the world. This sign has been endowed with the ability from youth to captivate others with what interests them.

Gemini have no difficulty in learning foreign languages, preferring the "immersion" method that is most effective for them. This sign does not like to study textbooks, but seeks to communicate, since in the environment of the studied language all the necessary expressions and words are quickly memorized.

A mature Gemini has the power to listen, understand, forgive and forget, as well as see people through their lies

Twins in school are a problem for the teaching staff. They do not take into account generally accepted rules at all, but they are endowed with a powerful charm, thanks to which violations of discipline and all sorts of pranks are always forgiven them. Sitting in the classroom, Gemini do not like to listen to teachers, do not discuss homework with classmates, but tirelessly invent the latest technologies for making cribs and various small fraud in the school environment. At the same time, this sign is better than its peers in solving problems that require a non-standard approach.

Little Gemini easily makes friends, but does not feel the slightest regret when you have to say goodbye to them. He is not characterized by constancy of attachments, and he also thinks little about the fact that his words and actions will offend someone. Parents will need patience in order to teach a young Gemini to reckon with others and respect their feelings.

Gemini Child

It is worth mentioning that the Gemini children love to fantasize and do not distinguish between reality and fiction. Most often, this is the main reason for the manifestation of deceit and reproaches for insincerity. Gemini almost never deliberately deceive - they first of all deceive themselves, and only after that they deceive everyone around them. Parents should set themselves the task of weaning their child from such a dangerous habit.

People born under the sign of Gemini

Thomas Jung, Carl Linnaeus, Malcolm McDowell, Paul Gauguin, James Belushi, Isadora Duncan, Carl Faberge, Richard Strauss, Robert Schumann, Paul McCartney, John F. Kennedy, Arthur Conan Doyle, Boy George, Naomi Campbell, Rodriguez Velazquez, Tony Campbell Count, Ernesto (Che) Guevara, Alexander Cagliostro, Kylie Minogue, Robert Sheckley, Marilyn Monroe, Prince, Nicole Kidman, Jacques Yves Cousteau, Edward Grieg.

Compatibility Gemini

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Gemini

Prime Minister of United Kingdom
1 Place
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
2 Place
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
3 Place
Minister for Higher Education and Further Education, Youth Employment and Training
5 Place
British politic
6 Place
American actor
7 Place
American film and television producer
8 Place
Australian singer, songwriter and actress
9 Place
English-Irish broadcaster
10 Place
Egyptian professional footballer
11 Place
English comedian
12 Place
Israeli-born American actress
13 Place
American lawyer
14 Place
Prime minister of Hungary
15 Place
General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU)
16 Place
English author
17 Place
Film Director
18 Place
British politician
19 Place
British film director and screenwriter
20 Place
British author and academic
21 Place
Scottish crime writer
22 Place
Scottish novelist
23 Place
English novelist and screenwriter
24 Place
English professional footballer
25 Place
British politician
26 Place
British Conservative Party politician
27 Place
Welsh actor
28 Place
Australian actor and singer
29 Place
American singer-songwriter
30 Place
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