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Horoscope today For sign Virgo

TODAY 28 September 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 14 October.

Today the stars recommend Virgo to hurry up. Of course, this opportunity will not be the last that you will get in your life, but why not take advantage of it. You should not give up anything that comes to you just like that. Relatives or acquaintances are trying to do more for you, even if you do not yet understand what it is for. Thank fate for such gifts and do not miss your chance.

On this day, you should not analyze too much what is happening and the people with whom you will have to cooperate. Everyone has their own way of life and their own thinking. Therefore, prepare yourself for the fact that you can easily get angry or upset and do not build yourself castles in the air.

Business Horoscope

Today is Virgo for the embodiment of their wildest ideas. You will figure out how to arrange desktops correctly or organize work not only for yourself, but also for colleagues. The whole picture will appear before you, so you won't have to suffer in some details.

If your profession is interior design, then today you will cope with business faster than usual. Therefore, you can safely count on additional income or an unplanned receipt of funds to your account. The customer will be satisfied with your efforts.



Today, Virgo will have the most vulnerable hands. Protect yourself from injuries caused during manicure manipulations or playing sports. Problems with nails are not excluded: on this day they will exfoliate, bump and even break. If your muscles are not trained enough, it is better not to burden your own body. Pain is possible with severe exertion. Better do a small set of stretching and joint exercises.


Love horoscope

In a permanent relationship today, more initiative will be required from Virgo, and just in the love sphere. In the rest, you are most likely in complete order. Surprises are welcome and anything that can pleasantly surprise your partner. Try to present something in which you will be 100% sure that you will like it. If you are not sure, if there are any doubts - immediately give up such undertakings. Unobtrusively ask your significant other how you can please him / her.


Moon calendar

On the 14th day, the Moon continues to remain young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. This day is considered the most powerful of the month! You must show determination and strength for a successful outcome of the planned case or a serious undertaking.

You can pray today, including to combat your dark beginnings, but don't overdo it. Don't overload your eyes, don't use strong scents, and try not to look in the mirror. On the fourteenth lunar day, you can experience grief, melancholy, longing and sadness. Wait for a sign from above. Limit sweets in your diet, drink less. The energy center is the intestines. Symbol of the day: Trumpet as the call of the Archangel. Stone: hyacinth.

Moon calendar

Day 14

Today 28 September.
Age of the moon 14.1 Days - growing.
Moon at 365,565 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,868,713 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023.


Rating Virgo

1 Place
Secretary of State for Transport
3 Place
British businesswoman
4 Place
American actor
5 Place
Spanish professional dancer
6 Place
Prime minister of India
7 Place
English football manager
8 Place
Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
9 Place
German singer
10 Place
Member of Parliament (MP) for Norwich South
11 Place
Argentine professional footballer
12 Place
Minister for the Cabinet Office
13 Place
English professional footballer
14 Place
Director of Television at ITV
15 Place
Scottish former politician
16 Place
Director and producer
17 Place
English writer
18 Place
President of the Royal Society
19 Place
Welsh footballer
20 Place
American television writer and producer
21 Place
British politician
22 Place
Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and International Development
23 Place
Australian actress
24 Place
Judge of the English High Court
25 Place
British film director
26 Place
Founder of the John Lewis Partnership
27 Place
English radio presenter
28 Place
English singer
29 Place
English actor
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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