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Horoscope today For sign Virgo

TODAY 21 February 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 10 March.

Today will be a period of instability for Virgo, and above all emotional and psychological. All this time, the signs will be, as if, on top of a volcano, which is about to erupt in trouble. Be prepared for this. In any madness, stay calm! The less you fuss, the better you will cope with the backlog of problems.

In the evening, there is a high probability of an accident and other emergencies. Therefore, be as careful and vigilant as possible. A tense situation will hit not only your state of mind, but also your wallet. So get ready for a retaliatory blow to fate.

Business Horoscope

Today, Virgo will have to take risks, sometimes even step on someone's throat, in order to ultimately achieve their goals. During this period, the financial situation is far from stable. It is possible that unforeseen items of expenses will appear and you will have to invest a lot.

Also, unfinished questions, and especially those things that you once did in a hurry, will bring a fly in the ointment. At the very last moment, pull yourself together and deal with the rush of work. The stars promise you good luck.




To improve your health today, Virgo should drink plenty of fluids and avoid heavy fatty foods. Especially after a stressful day, it will be difficult for your body to cope with it.

Eat more citrus fruits and berries. Try making a light drink with lime and mint. It is better not to drink alcohol.

And do not lose your good humor. Any problems need to be assessed from different points of view and overcome on a positive note - then everything will be as you want.


Love horoscope

Virgo today you won't be bored of the monotony. You will literally be warmed by attention from the opposite sex, even if it is severe frost outside. Light flirting will cheer you up and improve your self-esteem somewhat.

It is possible that an office romance awaits you. If the situation does not seem trivial to you, you can safely plunge into it headlong, just first think about what the consequences may be.

Families Virgo stars recommend spending the evening alone with your soulmate.


Moon calendar

On the twelfth day, the young moon continues to be in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. Wisdom and tranquility reign today. Do good, show compassion, show mercy, try to rebuild a relationship, give a gift or give alms. Try not to get angry. Having quarreled on this day, it will be almost impossible to make up.

Today is the time when prayers will be answered by God. A marriage made on this day will bring happiness. Dreams can be scary, but in the morning everything will be forgotten. Eat nuts on this day, drink juices. The heart is the energy center. Symbols of the day: Heart, Chalice. Stones: pink pearls, yellow coral, mother of pearl, lapis lazuli.

Moon calendar

Day 12

Today 21 February.
Age of the moon 11.6 Days - growing.
Moon at 396,758 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,943,821 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 9:02:45, 10 Mar 2024.


Rating Virgo

1 Place
Minister for the Cabinet Office
3 Place
Secretary of State for Transport
4 Place
British businesswoman
5 Place
American actor
6 Place
Welsh actress
7 Place
Spanish professional dancer
8 Place
multi-millionaire British businessman
9 Place
American singer
10 Place
Association football manager
11 Place
German singer
12 Place
Swedish professional footballer
13 Place
Argentine professional footballer
14 Place
English film director
15 Place
Serbian professional tennis player
16 Place
English professional footballer
17 Place
English professional footballer
18 Place
English radio personality
19 Place
English actress
20 Place
Director of Television at ITV
21 Place
English actress and singer
22 Place
English actress
23 Place
Scottish former politician
24 Place
Director and producer
25 Place
English writer
26 Place
President of the Royal Society
27 Place
Welsh footballer
28 Place
British actor
29 Place
American television writer and producer
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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