Horoscope today For sign Leo

TODAY 20 July 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 4 August.

Today is not very favorable for Leo. Some representatives of this sign may have a grandiose idea about a change of scenery. This also applies to moving, and traveling to a new place, and even rebuilding your own home. This idea will appeal to them in every sense. However, the stars do not advise doing this categorically.

Leo today will tend to worry about the realism of their ideas, which is very expected, because they have set up "castles in the air." In a creative impulse, they are able to "tear down load-bearing walls" or even go against the rules. Be careful in your desires, dear signs!

Business Horoscope

In business and work in general, it will be extremely difficult today to concentrate. All thoughts and feelings of Leo will be far from reality. However, the stars advise you to be vigilant so that excessive daydreaming in the workplace does not lead to mistakes and dismissal.

Today you should not take on serious, responsible business. Set aside urgent work and important tasks for later. Take care of what you like or simple current issues in a measured, unhurried mode.



Health today can fail a little Leo, and it is possible that at the most crucial moment. Such a nuisance as an allergy will manifest itself in the most unpleasant light. It is on this day that she will present a real danger to you, perhaps new provoking factors will open. It may be that by the evening the whole body will begin to itch. Do not be surprised, this is the body's reaction to work. To avoid this, try to get everything done before the end of the working day.


Love horoscope

Today is Leo not the most suitable day to sort things out with a loved one. Postpone any serious conversations until later, when everything will be easy and simple. On a positive note, it is easier to solve the problem, and unnecessary moralizing and puritanism will clearly not help you. Show "lightheadedness" and "surface" towards your partner. On this day, such qualities will only help Leo feel good and at ease.


Moon calendar

On the thirteenth day, the Moon is young and is still in phase II. Now is the time for learning, nevertheless try to assimilate the information gradually. Wait for the emergence of long-forgotten problems and situations from the past. Get rid of them right away so that you have the strength to carry out new things.

You can check karma today. If it is normal, then the 13th lunar day will be similar to the 12th day. To do this, in the evening, analyze the events of two days. Cosmetics are good for you today, along with drugs. The energy center is the pancreas and stomach. Day stone: noble opal. Symbols: Spinning Wheel, Wheel.

Moon calendar

Day 13

Today 20 July.
Age of the moon 13.2 Days - growing.
Moon at 380,581 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 152,009,377 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:14:21, 4 Aug 2024.


Rating Leo

Italian professional tennis player
1 Place
American singer
2 Place
English model and actress
3 Place
Secretary of State for International Trade, President of the Board of Trade, Minister for Women and Equalities.
4 Place
British-American film director, producer, and screenwriter
5 Place
English actor
6 Place
English singer
7 Place
English professional footballer
8 Place
British television presenter
9 Place
American actor and filmmaker
10 Place
English and Albanian singer and songwriter
11 Place
Greek professional tennis player
12 Place
Jamaican professional footballer
13 Place
American actress
14 Place
American actress
15 Place
English football pundit
16 Place
Irish actor
17 Place
British actor
18 Place
Professional footballer
19 Place
Film director
20 Place
Australian television personality
21 Place
American actress
22 Place
English actress and writer
23 Place
Italian-Uruguayan actor
24 Place
Professional footballer
25 Place
British politician
26 Place
English television presenter
27 Place
American actor
28 Place
Greek media mogul
29 Place
Former tennis player
30 Place


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