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Zodiac sign Aquarius



20 January - 18 February

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the active signs. It can be attributed to the mental organization, that is, people born under it easily lose self-control and endure any minor incidents for a long time. Despite the fact that the energy of the sign is latent, only an urgent need can induce the actions of its representatives, which will serve as a manifestation of inner strength and the ability to defend other people's interests and stand up for themselves.

Aquarians love to be around people. They quickly make new acquaintances and friends, but they still don't stop feeling lonely. Their interest in the surrounding society and life in general is more of a scientific and theoretical nature, and getting to know something new is much more interesting for them than trying to change the current situation.

Sign of Aquarius

Representatives of this sign are extremely sensitive natures, therefore they are touchy and not easy-going. One gets the feeling that they are even vindictive, and they always remember everything, except for their own promises.

Their actions from the outside are illogical, but this is only at first glance. It's just that Aquarius most often has more information than the people around him, so his main task is to take into account factors not known to others. Nevertheless, it is a pity that Aquarius in most cases does not use this knowledge, ponders it for a long time and is in no hurry to implement it.

Note that Aquarians love to do charity work. They are more willing to help someone than take time for themselves. It is much better to manage someone else's money than from your wallet.

Aquarius people, despite being in the middle of a full room of people, are a little off to the side. They are loners who never mingle with the crowd

People born under this sign are distinguished by special sensitivity and vulnerability. They always have many acquaintances, but they never have close friends who can be trusted. An interesting fact is that unbalanced people, ready for rash actions, are attracted to them like a magnet. However, Aquarius make friends and enemies once and for all, therefore, having made friends, they do not exclude them from the circle of their contacts.

Aquarius is a friendly sign, sometimes to the point of obsession. Nevertheless, even those representatives who are deprived of a sense of tact can be explained the basic rules of communication with people, which must be constantly observed. Aquarians are among those people who never change their minds, but can succumb to persuasion. Astrologers do not recommend this feature to be abused, because if Aquarius feels slighted or offended, he will always take revenge, even to his own detriment.

Aquarians are distinguished by boundless curiosity and are interested in all aspects of life without exception. In truth, this prevents them from focusing on one thing, as a result of which they create the impression of cute sloths, although they manage to redo many small responsibilities during the day.

Aquarius's emotions don't go very deep. They are also quite expressionless and sometimes these people seem unemotional

The ability to constantly acquire new knowledge makes them geniuses, but it has a detrimental effect on the psyche of some representatives of the sign. This is evidenced by the fact that the number of the mentally ill among them is quite large.

Aquarius men perfectly combine realism with a romantic approach to the whole world. They can commit unpredictable actions, but they try not to take risks, so as not to harm the people around them and themselves. Their indefatigability in the knowledge of the world and curiosity, along with sentimentality, cannot but amaze.

Aquarius women are outwardly attractive, they can even be extravagant and provocative. With all this, they are smart, erudite, attentive and capable of independent decision-making without taking into account the advice of the circle of people around them. Representatives of this sign always do as they see fit themselves, but in most cases they refuse to bear responsibility for this.

Aquarius Man

The element of the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius is classified as an air sign, so its representatives have a broad nature and the ability to penetrate into many areas of life.

The air of Aquarius is the entire atmosphere as a whole, because the representatives of this sign are interested at the same time, both in something very sublime and earthly.

Windows open to the fresh spring wind, clean air of the mountains, airplanes moving at high speed - there will be a place for everything in the world of Aquarius, but they will not be enough. If suddenly Aquarius finds himself in the very center of some tornado, he will remain unshakable, and, for example, in an unventilated, albeit full of comfort, room, he will certainly yearn. The need to breathe freely with full breasts leads Aquarius to the fact that he begins to avoid close, albeit filled with passion, embraces.

Career in the life of Aquarius and the profession of this sign

An Aquarius's dream is often a career as an entrepreneur, but in reality it is still better for them to be employees, since the attitude to business will be more responsible, and good results will not be long in coming.

In the business arena, to achieve success, Aquarius usually lacks the willpower to overcome himself, and a thick skin that would create a protective layer from the environment for his gentle soul. In addition, people born under this sign rarely take risks and take the chance that fate gives them too late. So do not be surprised that rich people are rarely found among Aquarius.

But among the representatives of this sign there are many famous people in the field of art and literature, where they show themselves to a greater extent than in business.

Aquarians are honest in their professional and personal endeavors. They are dedicated to their work and loyalty is their middle name. This is the trait that puts them first

Aquarians often succeed in areas of activity that require direct contact with people - this is pedagogy, journalism and sociology. Nevertheless, they will not do the work entrusted to them with all their hearts. They have a need for periodic solitude, therefore, having chosen public professions, Aquarians take a long rest, and only in secluded places.

The representatives of this sign are excellent psychologists and therapists, travel agents, guides, as well as consultants on various issues. Also among them you can find many scientists with a broad outlook.

Aquarius Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Aquarians have great soul power and have the ability to experience strong love, but not show it. In addition, they try to stay as far as possible from the person who won their heart, fearing that he will deceive, or simply because of him, lose freedom. Aquarius, burning with passion, basically retains outwardly indifference, which is difficult to attribute to a feigned one.

Aquarians do not enter into a stable union or marriage for a long time. They are not jealous themselves and do not tolerate the manifestation of jealousy. Representatives of this air sign will not keep a partner if he wants to leave them, nevertheless, they will exert strength in order to maintain friendly contact.

Throughout their lives, they strive for perfect and impeccable relationships. However, even such communication will be broken by them if they are occupied completely and completely. Despite the degree of love of Aquarius, it takes time for them to be alone with themselves, in addition, to learn about the world, which is not focused on just one, even the most desirable person in the whole world.

Aquarians are cuddly until you drive them crazy, and when you do, there is no pleasure left

In their partner, Aquarians want to find kindness, an inquiring mind, openness and independence of thought. In addition, being not always tactful, they demand to be careful with their personality.

Aquarius is a sure sign, at least physically. Memories of their first love accompany them throughout their lives. They keep in touch with their former lovers and fantasize about how certain relationships would have developed in the past.

Aquarians try to see in every person exclusively positive character traits, but the uncertainty of the Libra sign and the vanity of Leo cause only irony in them, which lead to a break in the union.

Aquarius will be able to discern the subtle sensitive nature in Cancer, to assess the loftiness of Virgo's aspirations.

A pair of two Aquarius often carries extraordinary strength and depth.

Aquarians are loving, but humanistic, not sexually erotic. Their love for all of humanity is so strong that even a bright romance is nothing compared to it.

Aquarius loves, loves, loves their freedom, but in the end, when freedom is the only goal, it can get a little restraint. It is then that Aquarius realizes that his freedom has become his prison.

In most cases, Aquarians stop their choice on those persons who are not indifferent. The strength to get even the most unapproachable representative of the opposite sex will be found even in the most passive. Aquarians are not interested in easy prey, however, they will show their sexual talents and show a rare charm in order not to miss out on an elusive or indifferent partner.

Usually Aquarius is considered sexually active, however, their intimate life is interesting only theoretically, rather than practically. An affair with a representative of this sign is usually intellectual, not physical, therefore, I remember heart-to-heart conversations, and not passionate impulses.

By the way Aquarius behaves, it is difficult to understand whether he is satisfied with his partner, since in most cases he himself does not understand this. People of this sign should not be told that in love they are better than others. They are so always confident that they are unique and inimitable, which they consider extremely valuable.

Aquarians are connoisseurs of beauty, and this leads to the fact that they are tactless in communication, pointing out to their loved one external flaws. On the other hand, they are ready to accept their other half for what it is, and will never force them to change their appearance, following their own ideas about the beauty of the opposite sex.

Love in the life of the sign of Aquarius

Aquarius health

Aquarians are by no means robust, radiating health, but have very limited powers, which they spend extremely generously, so they can learn early about such problems as increased fatigue and insomnia. They must take care of their nervous system, nevertheless, they do not recognize their weakness, and therefore they suffer even more.

Most of them have significant vision and circulatory problems. Aquarius in old age is often pursued: varicose veins, pain in the legs, as well as blockage of blood vessels.

Aquarians give people a taste of their own medicine

To maintain health, Aquarius should not worry about all sorts of little things, try to get enough sleep, play sports and maintain constant physical activity. Representatives of the sign do not follow such rules for a long time, finding a new occupation, and forgetting about a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they tend to favor risky and controversial treatments.

Aquarians rarely care about proper nutrition, so diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are their constant companions. The matter is complicated by the diets they prescribe to themselves. People of this sign are wary of treating doctors. They constantly postpone even a visit to a specialist for a preventive purpose, and if a problem bothers them, they will worry and endure before going to the hospital for a diagnosis and treatment.

Aquarius culinary preferences

It is better for Aquarius to follow a vegetarian diet. He can easily eliminate meat from his diet, but it is problematic for him to be left without cookies, sugary sodas, chips and fries. Aquarians are usually indifferent to fresh fruits and vegetables, although they do not deny their benefits.

Aquarians are advised to include pomegranates and apples, as well as buckwheat with rice in their menu and eat them as often as possible.

It is difficult for Aquarius to switch to three meals a day, so they often have snacks. It is not scary if instead of sweets, sausages and bread they used something more useful to suppress hunger.

Aquarius child

The Aquarius child is usually unpredictable, restless and capricious. He often arranges surprises for his parents, sometimes committing acts that defy any explanation. Children of this sign have special abilities that need to be revealed. The thing is that Aquarians do not understand what they want to do in life. Some fleeting inspiration plays an important role for them, which directs them in the right direction, for example, shows how to draw correctly in order to give out a masterpiece, or how to solve a complex mathematical problem.

Aquarians are full of inspiring ideas that visit them several times a day. Problems arise at the stage of their implementation. This is due to the fact that small representatives of the sign are restless, overestimate their abilities and do not listen to anyone's advice. A rarity for Aquarius is the ability to think logically. Basically, they rely on intuition or some general idea, if life experience is lacking, and this never leads to anything good.

If Aquarius behaves like a child, then he is happy

Aquarians are usually naughty children, they always act in their own way, filling bruises, bumps, and getting into difficult situations. However, you can come to an agreement with the Aquarius child if you treat with due respect for his desires and find a compromise that he will easily accept.

Aquarians are extremely shy, restless and impressionable. Parents should immerse him in an emotionally comfortable and supportive environment. Frequent quarrels that arise in adults, a showdown, offensive words spoken to each other can cause illness in a little Aquarius.

Aquarius Child

A child born under this sign is usually lazy and does not try hard to do any kind of work. Academic success they can expect only due to unexpected insights and the ability to solve problems of a non-standard type. Relations with teachers are always quite tense, since Aquarians in no way accept any comments made to them.

Personalities born under the sign of Aquarius

Lev Landau, Yuri Bashmet, Marat Safin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton, Clement Voroshilov, Alexander Men, Alice Cooper, James Joyce, Galileo Galilei, Francois Rabelais, William Maugham, Abraham Lincoln, Edouard Manet, Otar Ioseliani, John Belusiolta , Emmanuel Swedenborg, Berthold Brecht, Charles Talleyrand, Virginia Wolfe, Pierre Beaumarchais, Charles Darwin, Jules Verne, Francis Bacon, Lewis Carroll, André Citroen, Dieter Bohlen, Robert Boyle, Wolfgang Mozenzon, Sidney Jorge , Ronald Reagan, Ernst Hoffman, George Byron, Wanga, Felix Mendelssohn, Kitaro, Yoko Ono, Charles Dickens.

Compatibility Aquarius

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Aquarius

English singer, songwriter and actor
1 Place
English actress and media personality
2 Place
English television presenter
3 Place
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
4 Place
5 Place
English television personality and actress
6 Place
English actor
7 Place
Scottish broadcaster
8 Place
British actress
9 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Sainsbury's
10 Place
Prime minister of Iceland
11 Place
English singer and songwriter
12 Place
English singer
13 Place
Australian-British singer and actress
14 Place
Welsh actor
15 Place
English actor and television presenter
16 Place
English media personality
17 Place
English blogger
18 Place
English actress and activist
19 Place
National Security Adviser
20 Place
English actor
21 Place
British politician
22 Place
Chairman of the BBC
23 Place
British Conservative Party politician
24 Place
Dutch professional football manager
25 Place
Chief executive officer (CEO) of BT Group
26 Place
Chief executive officer of media company ITV plc
27 Place
28 Place
29 Place
English professional footballer
30 Place
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