19 February - 20 March

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign Pisces

People born under the sign of Pisces are for the most part passive, devoid of perseverance, purposefulness and unstable. They are not able to withstand the circumstances, all the time soar in dreams, believing that everything will be resolved by itself, so they are not particularly worried about trifles.

Pisces are extremely balanced. Vivid emotions that appear sometimes go unnoticed by others. Pisces are endowed with the ability to keep themselves in a state of rest, not allowing secret experiences to take them out of the zone of mental comfort. Pisces make even the smallest decisions for a long time. All due to the fact that it is simply difficult for them to concentrate on one thing, and not because they think about the situation for a long time. Representatives of this sign rely entirely on intuition and believe in fate.

Sign Of Pisces

Traits such as vanity and commercialism are absolutely alien to Pisces. They would rather help other people than take care of their own well-being. From Pisces, you can quickly get words of consolation and sympathy, rather than real actions, however, they with great professionalism will force you to provide all possible help to those in need.

Pisces stay away from conflict and rivalry, moving away at the moment when the situation turns from peaceful to extremely dangerous. They easily accept patronage, providing an opportunity to patronize themselves, and not get sympathy, resorting to flattery.

Pisces are endowed with unusual intelligence. Their ideas about the world around them can be controversial, and their reasoning seems bizarre to others. Among the representatives of this sign there are a large number of losers, but you can also find those who, in spite of everything, achieve happiness and harmony with themselves.

Pisces are fickle natures - being extremely flexible in nature, just like the nature of water, they are often changeable. Their views and devotion always hesitate

Perhaps the most interesting character trait of Pisces is the ability to look at yourself from the outside and evaluate the weak and strong traits of your nature. Understanding perfectly well what they will succeed and what will not, they treat their own personality with due dose of irony, and demand seriousness from other people.

Pisces are fickle in many aspects of life. They can suddenly abandon their promises or completely forget about them, change their own minds more than once during the day, and also, appreciating friendship in general, sacrifice the interests of someone from a friendly circle. There are times when Pisces lie just to look more beautiful in the eyes of the people around them, and sometimes not in pursuit of any specific goals.

Pisces in the eyes of many seem to be helpless and weak, moreover, they deliberately try to strengthen such an impression, being firmly convinced that it will be easier to gain support in this way. In truth, they are most likely lazy, in addition to everything they are dreamy, so they try to spend more time and energy on myth-making than on real tasks. In addition to all of the above, Pisces are indifferent to material goods and can be content with little, especially when it comes to the results of their work. When they are given the opportunity to get something without making any special efforts, they try not to miss it.

Pisces are born as highly intuitive and creative people. They love to develop in the world of their dreams

Among Pisces, there are often weak personalities who are sensitive to bad influences, which sometimes push them to commit a crime. There are also very purposeful, strong and hardworking people who have achieved a certain degree of success, though because they were in the right place at the right time.

Do not expect determination and courage from the Pisces man. These individuals usually just go with the flow, which, perhaps, will carry them one day to their goal. If he succeeded, it was only because of a certain set of circumstances and luck. Usually representatives of this sign have a large number of secret enemies and have little interest in the faces of those around them. They see reality as far from reality.

Pisces women are extremely sentimental and try to emphasize their own vulnerability and vulnerability. They do not hide their dreams of patronage and protection of the strong side. They are distinguished by attentiveness and kindness, love for children. Most women of this sign are endowed with an overly gentle character in order to educate their offspring the way they should.

Pisces Man

Pisces sign element

Pisces belong to the water element, and it is fickle and fluid. These people prefer pressure to caress to achieve their goals, looking for workarounds instead of putting in the proper amount of effort to overcome the problems that arise.

Pisces usually go with the flow, avoiding dangers, and spending energy not on hard work, but on self-indulgence and games. Pisces will never resist the pressure of the outside world, as well as defend themselves from its effects. Pisces is saved by dreaminess. They consider themselves free, moving in the right direction.

Pisces water tastes like salt. It can be tears flowing profusely down the cheeks, or the sea, calling to travel, but predicting longing and parting. In addition, the life of any calm Pisces cannot be called insipid, since through her developed imagination she makes up for the lack of energy.

Career in the life of Pisces and the profession of this sign

If Pisces seems to be helpless, then this is far from the case. There are many areas for them in which they could be successful. For example, their natural compassion and kindness make it possible to find themselves in education or medicine. A rich imagination opens the way to art, and love for what is unusual - to the occult and experimental sciences.

Outstanding billionaires and businessmen who have independently earned a significant fortune rarely come out of Pisces. They don't need fame, wealth, or prestige. They are accustomed to be content with what fully provides a normal level of existence. Pisces are not prone to competition on the way to achieving success, they need support and solid support to help them move forward and stay on track.

Pisces are very creative people. Their creativity can be honed in any field and they will always have a special interest in music

Among Pisces, there are also real workaholics who completely and completely devote themselves to work only because they seek to get away from the real world. The Pisces Scientist will spend all of his time in the laboratory due to the discomfort at home.

Pisces in the modern world will be able to find application for their talents in the field of entertainment and advertising. Pisces  will never become the head of a bank or a factory, and will head a television studio or radio station without problems. Representatives of the sign love to travel and share vivid impressions, and therefore they make wonderful travel agents and journalists. Pisces are weakly attached to the house, so working for several years in another country is quite acceptable for them.

In an effort to help people, many Pisces go to monks and priests, while others are actively involved in charity work.

Pisces Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Because of its extreme emotionality, love is extremely important in the life of Pisces. They are not particularly passionate natures, for them loyalty and tenderness, a sense of support and security in a strong union are of value.

Pisces do not solve everyday problems themselves, but shift them onto the shoulders of their partner, nevertheless tirelessly confess their eternal love and admire him. True, eternity for the representatives of this sign is a very relative concept. They are loyal to their chosen one at a certain point in time and can disappear from the horizon at any moment.

Pisces always remember the little things that are important for the second half. They spend a lot of time and energy buying gifts for their wedding anniversary and birthday, often remembering the details of the first meeting or the development of the novel. However, most of them simply come up with beautiful relationships and remain in illusions until they are destroyed under the influence of rough reality.

Pisces are afraid of becoming dependent on loved ones, which is quite justified, because they often suffer because of their partner. In a love relationship, Pisces are indifferent and coldish. They can be easily deceived and easily lost if the lie suddenly becomes apparent.

Pisces are not afraid to feel, they are afraid to drown in feelings

Pisces are sensitive to the environment, so they want to see the family nest bright and cozy, and in their opinion, the other half should make it so. This sign usually creates a couple with a person stronger than himself and having leadership qualities, because he is sure that the dominant position in family life is not for him.

Sensitive, filled with dreams, Pisces will appreciate the confidence, firmness and strength that Capricorns and Cancers possess. In the first, she will see a well-hidden childishness, and the second she will love for her ability to empathize and feel.

The manifestation of impetuosity and energy received from Sagittarius will frighten the Pisces, but not please, and paired with an active Aries, she will lose her composure for a short time. There are pluses in the Taurus-Pisces union, where the prudence of one partner is complemented by the romance of the other.

Pisces should not have an affair with a self-centered and selfish Leo. The same applies to representatives of their sign, whose mutual feelings will quickly come to naught under the influence of external circumstances.

For the Pisces man, love is just another dream in which he, the dreamer, joyfully controls the world he created in his imagination through his intuitive senses, colored with muted pastels, fragile and changeable

Pisces have a special appeal, they know how to charm and emphasize their advantages. They train in this throughout their lives, applying skill from time to time to their advantage. Waiting for this moment, Pisces often goes on romantic dates, is fond of the opposite sex, but does not attach much importance to this.

Pisces are inventors in sex, but they do not impose their aspirations on a partner, therefore they are often disappointed. Representatives of the sign hide their desires and do not talk about them, leaving their chosen one in conjecture and independently drawn conclusions.

All Pisces, without exception, dream of indulging in passion in a luxurious setting, and all because it is she who allows them to convince them that this is really true love, and not just sex.

Pisces love to travel and have resort romances on the spot, allowing them to relax and feel irresponsible and frivolous.

Even if the connection was fleeting, Pisces will definitely regret the breakup. It does not take her long to imagine a cloudless future and believe that it will certainly come. If there was a collapse of any illusions, Pisces cannot avoid depression and melancholy.

Love in the life of the Pisces sign

Pisces health

Drugs and alcohol are the main danger for Pisces, who cannot resist them and use them reasonably. But the representatives of this sign cannot be called gluttons. Nutritional problems are only possible due to lack of appetite.

Pisces should take care of their balanced diet. Their body is weak, so an acute lack of nutrients and vitamins will be destructive and lead to catastrophic consequences. Sunshine, fresh air, and reasonable exercise are also needed.

Pisces are endowed with weak lungs, and their immunity is most often reduced. Getting sick for this sign is as easy as shelling pears, but you just don't want to go to the doctor. Nevertheless, their body has hidden reserves to fight frequent diseases.

Pisces bend, but don't break

Pisces sense their surroundings and may begin to mope due to a lack of heat and light, or because the room where they live is not furnished in the best way. The Pisces does not understand this and does not take measures to fix the problem, however, if someone finds out the cause of the ailment that has arisen and helps to eliminate it, it will rise up instantly.

Insomnia is an acute problem for most Pisces. Astrologers recommend taking daily evening walks, doing a light set of physical exercises, including breathing, and not using medications that are dangerous for this sign.

Pisces culinary preferences

Pisces don't pay much attention to food. To be honest, they are generally inattentive, so you should not be surprised that they will feel better hungry than they will find suitable foods in their fridge for a full meal.

It is undesirable for Pisces to eat fatty foods that are difficult to digest, and lean meat in acceptable quantities will be very useful, just do not need to combine it with spices and hot sauce. It is advisable to replace potatoes with dark rice, buckwheat or boiled vegetables, for example, cauliflower and beans.

It is useful for Pisces to use raisins, dried apricots and various types of nuts. Raw vegetables should also not be excluded from the daily menu.

Pisces Child

Pisces is a child, from birth, dreamer and dreamer. It is always fun and varied in a house with such a baby. Every day is different and filled with events that make you believe in magic. Pisces children do not want to grow up quickly. They rejoice at the care of adults for them and the lack of responsibility. Most often, Pisces live the way they want, absolutely not wanting to follow the daily routine and eat right. They also have difficulties with adaptation in a group of peers - they simply neglect the general rules.

These children usually keep close to adults, even after reaching an independent age. Without proper support, they feel insecure and appear lost. Their parents should teach them to take care of themselves, to cope with the daily tasks associated with communication with peers.

“Suddenly” is the middle name of Pisces! Suddenly they felt sad, suddenly laughed, suddenly offended ... - and again everything is as usual ...

Pisces are vulnerable, so an accidental spoken word and criticism towards them can turn into hysteria or even disaster. Such children constantly require proof of parental love, sometimes even very costly.

Pisces have an innate ability for literature, music and painting, and the exact sciences are practically incomprehensible to them. They quickly master foreign languages, and write in their native language with mistakes, forgetting even the simplest rules. Success in school depends on the degree of comfort that prevails in the educational institution for them. Parents should keep track of how little Pisces communicate with classmates and teachers.

Pisces Child

The fragile appearance of Pisces children does not indicate their soreness. Nevertheless, they quickly become hostages of bad habits, and this not only applies to alcohol, nicotine and drugs, but also food, clothing and gatherings near the computer. Pay more attention to this and make sure that the baby does not spoil his health.

Personalities born under the sign of Pisces

Justin Bieber, Eva Mendes, Rihanna, Rosa Luxemburg, Thomas Aquinas, Paul Verlaine, Maurice Ravel, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Antonio Vivaldi, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Johann Strauss, Frederic Joliot Curie, Juliette Binoche, Sharon Opponent Stone, Ruleaux von Bering, Chuck Norris, Harry Garrison, Rudolph Nureyev, George Berkeley, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sholem Aleichem, Chris Rea, Bruce Willis, Albert Einstein, Liza Minnelli, Jon Bon Jovi, Amerigo Vespucci, Luc Besson, Zurab Sotkilava, Frederic Thomas Anders, Ron Hubbard.

Compatibility Pisces

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Rating Pisces

Italian sports journalist
1 Place
Australian actress
2 Place
Member of the British royal family
3 Place
English actress
4 Place
Argentine professional football manager
5 Place
English professional footballer
6 Place
Swedish comedian
7 Place
Scottish professional footballer
8 Place
English professional footballer
9 Place
English professional footballer
10 Place
English actor and director
11 Place
Australian filmmaker
12 Place
English professional dancer and choreographer
13 Place
Scottish politician
14 Place
American actress
15 Place
Portuguese actor
16 Place
American actress
17 Place
Norwegian professional football manager and former player
18 Place
English professional footballer
19 Place
British actor and comedian
20 Place
Irish professional snooker player
21 Place
American professional basketball player
22 Place
Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK
23 Place
English actor
24 Place
British Labour and Co-operative politician
25 Place
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Apprenticeships and Skills
26 Place
Member of Parliament (MP) for Leicester East
27 Place
Northern Irish professional football manager
28 Place
Foreign Secretary
29 Place
English actor
30 Place
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