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Horoscope today For sign Sagittarius

TODAY 29 September 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 14 October.

Sagittarius today you need to beware of saying too much to people around you, so as not to offend them in any way. Even very small quarrels and accidentally spoken sharp words can cause a tremendous conflict. You should not make hasty decisions and be guided only by your emotions, try to keep them under control, as this is more relevant than ever. The first half of the day can bring you serious equipment problems, as well as technical failures, both at work and at home. Be extremely careful! In the second, annoying misunderstandings are not excluded, which can be easily corrected. Try not to do work today that requires special concentration of attention and quick reactions.

Business Horoscope

You should not plan the solution of global issues in the first half of the day. It was at this time that Sagittarius was most likely to encounter all kinds of obstacles and technical problems. Your leader will be ready at any time to remind you of the mistakes and mistakes made in the past, so you should not cross with him on this day. Do not take the initiative, rather do what is pleasant. This will help restore your performance and give you strength to move forward.

Today, important business negotiations and travel Sagittarius will be destined to fail for no apparent reason. It is possible that you will have to educate people and exchange experiences. Be brave and independent on this day, take responsibility into your own hands. The afternoon will end with a pleasant surprise or solution to a difficult problem that has kept you awake for a long time.



Today, Sagittarius will continually make mistakes and oversights while doing work. Your well-being will not worsen for this reason, but nervous tension will surely unsettle you for a long time. Try to limit contacts, stay alone with yourself for at least some time in order to calm down and find harmony. A visit to a new place for you can help restore the disturbed balance, which you had to visit for a long time, but there was neither the strength nor the time for it.


Love horoscope

From the point of view of the love sphere, for Sagittarius this is a difficult day that can bring conflicts to a relationship with a loved one. Today you are full of negativity, so you can just offend your partner. Try to control your emotions, and if you can't do this, then temporarily refuse to communicate with him to avoid serious consequences. The day is perfect for relaxing and planning a future together. The end of the day can end with a chance encounter that will help you open your eyes to many things.


Moon calendar

On the 14th day, the Moon continues to remain young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. This day is considered the most powerful of the month! You must show determination and strength for a successful outcome of the planned case or a serious undertaking.

You can pray today, including to combat your dark beginnings, but don't overdo it. Don't overload your eyes, don't use strong scents, and try not to look in the mirror. On the fourteenth lunar day, you can experience grief, melancholy, longing and sadness. Wait for a sign from above. Limit sweets in your diet, drink less. The energy center is the intestines. Symbol of the day: Trumpet as the call of the Archangel. Stone: hyacinth.

Moon calendar

Day 14

Today 29 September.
Age of the moon 14.1 Days - growing.
Moon at 365,669 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,866,804 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023.


Rating Sagittarius

General Secretary of Unite the Union
1 Place
2 Place
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Women and Equalities
3 Place
British radio and television presenter
4 Place
Chief executive officer of the Scottish National Party (SNP)
5 Place
American singer-songwriter
6 Place
English actress
7 Place
Portuguese professional footballer
8 Place
Colombian professional footballer
9 Place
American actress
10 Place
American actor
11 Place
English judge of the Court of Appeal
12 Place
English journalist
13 Place
British politician
14 Place
American actress
15 Place
Hong Kong businessman and politician
16 Place
Political strategist
17 Place
Spanish professional footballer
18 Place
American actress and singer
19 Place
German actor
20 Place
English professional footballer
21 Place
English professional footballer
22 Place
English professional footballer
23 Place
British actor
24 Place
English television presenter
25 Place
English professional footballer
26 Place
English actor
27 Place
English professional footballer
28 Place
American singer, songwriter, and dancer
29 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Diageo North America
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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