Horoscope tomorrow For sign Virgo

TODAY 21 July 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 4 August.

Tomorrow Virgo you need to avoid long-term contacts, otherwise you will get tired of each other too quickly, and in the process, obligations that are not very convenient for you will appear. If the person was next to you and saw how the course of events was developing, as well as familiarized himself with all the intermediate options and understands the risk, it will not be easy to convince him or her. Try to do it unobtrusively, find the right words, be convincing, but not too much, so as not to scare him off completely.

Day promises to be good for Virgo in general. It's difficult to say that luck will certainly be on your side.

Business Horoscope

Tomorrow, Virgo is also not worth submitting to get a new position. Without a doubt, if you do this, you will surely lose. It will be better if you take part in the team of one of the applicants. He will definitely be lucky with your participation. You will be able to find out all sorts of mistakes of competitors and send the candidate in the right direction.

Tomorrow Virgo isn't the best day financially. Spending on family and home is not excluded, expenses on studying for children or close relatives are possible.



Tomorrow Virgo needs to revisit your usual diet. Perhaps the time at which you are used to eating is not quite right for you. Try to find alternative options that are less harmful to the body.

In general, the day is quite successful for you in terms of health, since during it you will have a positive effect on health, and the people and events around you will easily double the positive effect. Therefore, the general condition will improve and stabilize.


Love horoscope

Tomorrow Virgo the slightest mistakes will be unforgivable. You can not even hope that these embarrassments will go unnoticed by your loved one. However, in such a situation, it is better for you to immediately admit everything yourself, so as not to worsen the situation.

On such a day, the stars are recommended to engage in expanding their own horizons and self-education, or by children. They may show particular interest in the laws of nature that they do not understand or in other phenomena. Try to explain everything calmly and easily. Show patience and kindness to others.


Moon calendar

On the fifteenth day, the moon is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The time is unfavorable, therefore, be careful, rest more, do not succumb to temptations. Avoid scandals and don't accept any gifts. Stay on the side of justice!

If the full moon occurs on the 15th day, then for the next fourteen days you will be emotionally unstable. If on the 16th day, they are balanced. Revelations and prophetic dreams await you. Viburnum juice, as well as hot, spicy and coarsely ground food, will benefit the body today. The energy center is the diaphragm and pancreas. Symbols of the day: Winged jackal, Serpent. Stones: jet, morion, agate.

Moon calendar

Day 15

Today 21 July.
Age of the moon 15.2 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 372,398 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,988,110 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:14:21, 4 Aug 2024.


Rating Virgo

1 Place
Italian professional dancer
2 Place
multi-millionaire British businessman
3 Place
Minister for the Cabinet Office
4 Place
American actor
5 Place
English radio personality
7 Place
Welsh actress
8 Place
Secretary of State for Transport
9 Place
Canadian singer-songwriter
10 Place
English actress and former singer
11 Place
Association football manager
12 Place
English ballroom dancer
13 Place
English actor
14 Place
Spanish racing driver
15 Place
Swedish professional footballer
16 Place
Argentine professional footballer
17 Place
Czech professional tennis player
18 Place
English film director
19 Place
Serbian professional tennis player
20 Place
English professional footballer
21 Place
English professional footballer
22 Place
Dutch professional football manager
23 Place
Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
24 Place
English actress
25 Place
English actress and singer
26 Place
English actress
27 Place
American professional basketball player
28 Place
President of the Royal Society
29 Place
British actor
30 Place


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