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10% of Britons are positive about Truss' work as prime minister
19 October 2022
Liz Truss's rating British Prime Minister Liz Truss continues to lose support among voters. A YouGov poll published on Tuesday shows that only 10% of the UK population is now positive about her performance, down 5pc from a week ago. Meanwhile, 80% ...
Liz Truss misses the parliamentary question on Kwarteng dismissal
17 October 2022
Liz Truss won't give an explanation British Prime Minister Liz Truss has refused a demand from the opposition to make a statement on her decision to sack finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng and make a near 180-degree U-turn on her plans to cut...
Andrew Bailey suggests that next month's key rate hike will be higher than expected
15 October 2022
Key rate The Bank of England intends to resort to a more radical than planned key rate hike in response to the current difficult situation in the UK economy. The regulator's governor Andrew John Bailey said this, according to Sky News television on ...
UK pound lost 1.5% after Jeremy Hunt appointed chancellor after Kwarteng sacking
14 October 2022
Pound exchange rate The British pound lost 1.5% of its value against the dollar on Friday on news of the dismissal of the kingdom's Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng. According to The Daily Telegraph, £1 now fetches $1.12, compared to $1.135 in ...
In UK COVID furlough scheme lost £6.3bn to errors and fraud
13 October 2022
Money lost Up to £6.3 billion of welfare packages allocated by the British authorities to support employment during the COVID-19 pandemic have been lost as a result of 'misallocation' of funds. It was revealed in a report by the National Audit...
In the UK health emergency due to a shortage of blood supplies
12 October 2022
Blood Shortage The British Health Service (NHS) declared a yellow danger level for the first time since its founding in 1972, the reason for this was the reduction to critically low blood supplies. This was reported on Wednesday by the television ch...
UK plans to cap revenues of renewable power producers
11 October 2022
Plan to limit revenues The U.K. government plans to impose income limits on renewable energy companies to reduce the impact of higher energy prices on the country's residents, Bloomberg News Agency reported, citing sources. According to the agency,...
Students in UK face cost-of-living hardship
10 October 2022
Studying has become more difficult More than 300 thousand students in Britain want to interrupt the study, because they can no longer pay for it amid rising prices for electricity and food, as well as the high rate of inflation in the country. The G...
Liz Truss' approval rating falls to a record low
9 October 2022
Job Rating Mary Elizabeth Truss's job approval rating has fallen to a record low among all British prime ministers. This was reported by The Guardian on October 9, citing an Opinium poll. Only 16% of the voters support the work of the politician. ...
Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held in Liverpool
8 October 2022
The main musical event in Liverpool The musical contest "Eurovision" in 2023 will be held in the English city of Liverpool. The announcement was made Friday by broadcaster Graham William Walker on the air of the BBC Broadcasting Corporation, wh...
The UK has ruled out the possibility of winter blackouts
7 October 2022
Electricity in the cold season The British authorities have denied information about possible rolling blackouts in the winter months. This was reported by Reuters on Friday, citing the Minister for Climate Affairs Graham Charles Stuart. According t...
Charles III is to be crowned on 3 June 2023
6 October 2022
Coronation of the King A coronation ceremony for Britain's King Charles III will be held at Westminster Abbey in London on June 3, 2023. This was reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday. It is ...
Excess deaths in the UK amounted to more than 330,000 due to austerity finds
5 October 2022
deaths in the UK The British authorities' policy of cutting social spending could have been indirectly responsible for the deaths of more than 330,000 people in the United Kingdom between 2012 and 2019. This is according to a study by British cienti...
UK's first prototype fusion energy plant to be built by 2040
4 October 2022
Green Energy in UK by 2040 The UK government expects to commission the country's first commercial reactor based on fusion technology in 2040. The BBC reported on Tuesday. "The fusion power plant will be the first of its kind and will be completed b...
Liz Truss abandons plans to cut the UK's maximum tax rate
3 October 2022
UK tax rate The government of new British Prime Minister Liz Truss has abandoned plans to cut the kingdom's maximum income tax rate from 45% to 40%. The announcement was made on Monday by the country's finance minister,...
Suella Braverman says migration crisis is out of control
2 October 2022
UK migration crisis The migration crisis in the UK is out of control, Home Secretary Suella Braverman told The Sun. She pointed out that more than 30,000 people have arrived on British Channel shores this year, ten times more than in 2018. One of t...
Coin design for King Charles III released by the Royal Mint of UK
30 September 2022
Coin design The British Royal Mint has unveiled a coin design featuring Britain's new King Charles III. According to a statement released on Friday, the first 50p coins will go into circulation this December. ...
UK to allocate £1.5bn for energy efficiency
29 September 2022
Home heating in the UK The UK government has drawn up and unveiled an energy efficiency plan that will earmark £1.5bn for work to insulate 130,000 low-income homes in England. It was reported by the BBC on Thursday. A...
WhatsApp says UK internet security bill threatens data
28 September 2022
Data on WhatsApp WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart believes a bill to give British law enforcement "legal access" to the messenger's encrypted messages would undermine the app's security. "We live in an age of the internet where cyber attacks are on the r...
Thousands of pharmacies may close in the UK due to high inflation
27 September 2022
Pharmacies could close High inflation and lack of funding from the National Health Service (NHS) could lead to the closure of thousands of pharmacies in the UK over the next two years. This was reported by The Times on Tuesday. "The cumulative effe...


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