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UK confirms plan to send migrants to Rwanda legal
19 December 2022
Migrants from Rwanda The High Court of Justice has ruled that the UK government's programme to expel migrants arriving illegally in the country to Rwanda while their asylum applications are bein...
Bank of England raises interest rate for the ninth time in a row to 3.5%
15 December 2022
UK interest rates The Bank of England has raised its rate for the ninth consecutive time, by 50 basis points, to 3.5 per cent per annum, according to a statement on the regulator's website. "The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) vot...
ARM company stops export leading-edge chip designs for China
14 December 2022
Chips from ARM The British company ARM has decided to stop supplying the latest technology to China. This was reported by the Financial Times. According to the newspaper, such a step of the manufacturer is connected with the fact that "the USA and ...
A Chinese millionaire is accused in London over bribery in the US
13 December 2022
The trial of Zhang Li in London Police in London have detained Chinese billionaire and chairman and CEO of development company Guangzhou R&F Properties Zhang Li. It was announced in a statement published on Tuesday night on the company's officia...
Britain to lay out financial sector reforms in 2023
9 December 2022
Financial sector reforms The UK will carry out the first reforms to its financial sector after leaving the European Union (Brexit) to make it internationally competitive. This was said by ...
London keeps its position as Europe's largest financial centre
8 December 2022
Europe's financial capital London will no longer be the financial capital of Europe after the UK leaves the European Union in February 2020. This was announced on Wednesday by Stephane Boujnah, CEO and chairman of Euronext stock exchange, in an inte...
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive the Ripple of Hope award for fighting racism
7 December 2022
Ripple of Hope award The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan Markle have received the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights of America (1925-1968) for their efforts in the fight against racism. It was an...
Sir Keir Starmer promises to abolish the House of Lords in his first term as Prime Minister
5 December 2022
Keir Starmer about the House of Lords The leader of the United Kingdom's opposition Labour Party, Keir Starmer, has said he intends to abolish the House of Lords, the upper house of the British parliament, if he comes to power. He made the announcem...
The UK military may be drafted to limit riots at strikes
4 December 2022
Chaos over strikes The UK government is developing plans to minimise the impact of possible major strikes and is discussing the possibility of involving military personnel in the role of striking public sector workers who are demanding a pay rise am...
UK's highest-flying Isa fund is now the worst 'Falling to Earth'
3 December 2022
Global stock markets Two of the UK's most popular funds were hammered, notably the technology-focused Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. Seraphim Space Investment Trust was launched with great pomp last summer as a UK fund focused on space technol...
Ministers call on RMT union to stop rail strikes over New Year holidays
2 December 2022
Business suffers because of strikes Pre-Christmas strikes by railway workers will cost the UK hospitality industry £1.5 billion, comparable to last year's business losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, The ...
Boris Johnson will run again in the next general election
1 December 2022
Boris Johnson is staying on Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who remained a member of the House of Commons after leaving office, has decided not to quit politics and to stand again in the next parliamentary elections, The Daily Telegraph...
HSBC announces closure more than one in four of its UK branches
30 November 2022
Some bank branches are closing HSBC Bank will close a quarter of its UK branches. According to a statement issued by the financial group on Wednesday, from April next year the number of branches will be reduced by 114, while 327 ...
The census showed that for the first time the proportion of Christians in England and Wales was less than half
29 November 2022
Christianity in England Christians in England and Wales, home to 89% of the United Kingdom's total population, make up less than half of all residents 27.6 million (or 46.2%) for the first time since statistics were com...
Rolls-Royce has successfully tested a hydrogen-powered aircraft engine
28 November 2022
Aircraft engine test Rolls-Royce has successfully tested the first aircraft engine to use hydrogen as fuel. This was reported on Monday by the BBC Broadcasting Corporation. It is noted that during the tests at the mili...
Teachers in the UK forced into second jobs amid crisis
27 November 2022
How the crisis is affecting teachers One in ten teachers in British schools has to take a second or even a third job to feed his family amid the economic crisis in the country. This was reported on Sunday by the weekly newspaper The Observer, citing...
Workers launch strike on Black Friday
26 November 2022
Strikes sweep the country The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is taking the shine off Black Friday. Some 235,000 workers went on strike across the country this week demanding higher pay and better working...
UK blocked Benjamin West's painting from leaving the country
25 November 2022
Export banned The UK Ministry of Culture has temporarily banned the overseas export of a painting by Anglo-American artist Benjamin West, Cricketers, due to its "cultural value". This was reported by The Daily Telegraph on Friday. The dec...
Electricity prices are expected to increase from 2023
24 November 2022
Price hikes British regulator Ofgem announced on Thursday it would raise the electricity price cap from January, bringing the average price per kWh to 67p, up from 34p on October 1. The en...
Shoppers warned that Black Friday is the perfect environment for scammers
21 November 2022
Beware! Scammers! With Black Friday just around the corner, a money-saving expert has warned shoppers that there will be a number of 'scammers' making the most of the event. Although average spending is down 15 per cent on last year, from £2 ...


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