Margot Robbie’s Husband Shares the One Topic That Always Leads to Arguments
Margot Robbie’s Husband Shar...
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Margot Robbie’s Husband Shares the One Topic That Always Leads to Arguments

25 June 2024
2 min.
Margot Robbie’s Husband Shares the One Topic That Always Leads to Arguments

Love, Business, and Biscuits

Margot Robbie, the celebrated actress, has found her real-life Ken, a testament to the fact that self-fulfillment can coexist with romantic relationships, contrary to Barbie’s traditional narrative. She and her husband, Tom Ackerley, recently shared insights into their joint ventures during an interview with The Times. Their collaborative projects include the renowned film production company, LuckyChap, responsible for hits like I, Tonya and Saltburn, and their latest venture, a gin brand named Papa Salt.

When asked about balancing their professional and personal lives, Tom, a UK native, revealed that it’s not as difficult as one might think. Despite spending “24 hours a day” together, he said, “It’s seamless. We don’t have a toggle on, toggle off. It’s all become one thing.”

In a lighter vein, Tom admitted to a friendly disagreement with his Australian-born wife. They often debate over which country makes the best chocolate cookies, specifically whether “Tim Tams or Penguins are better”. This cultural clash is quite understandable, considering the deliciousness of both biscuit bars.

Despite this minor difference, the couple has a deep appreciation for each other’s homelands. Tom confessed that he “feels like an honorary Aussie”, while Margot reciprocated by saying she “feels like an honorary Brit”.

The couple, who value their privacy, first crossed paths in Belgium in 2013 on the set of Suite Française, a romantic drama set during World War II. Tom was working as an assistant director, while Margot shared the screen with Michelle Williams and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Tom’s inclination to stay behind the camera might have been what initially drew Margot to him. Reflecting on their relationship, Margot shared, “I am so lucky, Tom likes being behind the camera. He’s not fazed by any of this stuff. He’s just the best." This quote encapsulates the essence of their relationship, highlighting the mutual respect and admiration they share.

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