Outrage: SNP's Taxpayer-Funded Independence 'Propaganda' Faces Yousaf Probe
Outrage: SNP's Taxpayer-Fund...
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Outrage: SNP's Taxpayer-Funded Independence 'Propaganda' Faces Yousaf Probe

3 August 2023
2 min.
Outrage: SNP's Taxpayer-Funded Independence 'Propaganda' Faces Yousaf Probe

Accountability at Stake

Recent concerns have arisen over Humza Yousaf's use of public funds to promote Scottish independence, prompting a UK Government probe led by civil service head Simon Case and supported by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Former Labour MP for Glasgow South and Shadow Environment Minister, Tom Harris, has weighed in on the matter, offering his perspective on the situation.

Humza Yousaf's Approach and Background

Upon taking office, Humza Yousaf encountered obstacles to Scottish independence, partly due to Nicola Sturgeon's approach of seeking the Supreme Court's opinion on holding a referendum without UK Government permission. To keep the independence issue alive, Yousaf appointed Jamie Hepburn as Minister for Independence and released a series of papers advocating the idea.

Concerns About Public Funds Usage

Tom Harris raises a significant concern about the Scottish National Party (SNP) using public funds and civil servants to promote their independence agenda. He points out that these supposedly impartial papers are prepared by politically neutral Scottish civil servants, and questions why the well-funded SNP isn't financing this work independently.

Calling for Accountability

Harris strongly believes that the cost of such efforts should not be borne by the public. He argues that historically, public money has been used to further the cause of independence, despite objections from those who support the union. Harris advocates for a correction of this practice, suggesting that any work related to a non-existent or hypothetical referendum should be carried out and funded by the party itself.

A Change in Holyrood's Approach

Emphasizing the motivations of Scottish Government ministers, Harris contends that their goal is to challenge the integrity of the UK at every opportunity. He calls for a shift in strategy, urging the SNP to use its own funds to support their agenda.

Government Response and Future Action

In response to concerns, Simon Case considers new guidelines for Holyrood civil servants, aiming to ensure transparency and fairness. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak supports the investigation, while prioritizing key issues like economy, jobs, and healthcare, to address the public's concerns effectively.

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