Matt Baker Recalls 'Grim' Blue Peter Experience: A Filming Nightmare
Matt Baker Recalls 'Grim' Bl...
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Matt Baker Recalls 'Grim' Blue Peter Experience: A Filming Nightmare

4 June 2023
2 min.
Matt Baker Recalls 'Grim' Blue Peter Experience: A Filming Nightmare

A gloomy performance at Blue Peter

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker, famous for globe-trotting on Blue Peter, has braved stomach-churning moments sampling fermented shark meat in Iceland and deep-fried tarantulas in Cambodia. Recently, he mourned the loss of his beloved dog Isla.

Matt Baker, a former Blue Peter presenter and the familiar face on Countryfile, reminisced about his globetrotting days while working on the iconic show. The job took him to various corners of the world, resulting in him filling three passports. Although it may seem like a dream job, Matt confessed that it also had its fair share of stomach-churning moments.

During one memorable trip to Iceland, Matt visited modern-day Vikings and had the opportunity to sample their "fermented shark meat." However, the fermentation process involved the Vikings urinating on the meat before letting it further ferment. Despite managing to tolerate the smell, as soon as he swallowed a piece, he felt physically sick. Reflecting on this culinary adventure, Matt described it as a particularly grim experience.

Matt's culinary escapades weren't limited to Iceland. While on the show, he gained experience devouring critters, including deep-fried tarantulas in Cambodia. The taste was rather indistinct, but it was the popping sensation as he bit down on the abdomen that made the experience truly unique. Matt recounted the challenges of consuming these unusual delicacies during his time on Blue Peter.

Aside from his television ventures, Matt recently released his debut book, "A Year on Our Farm: How the Countryside Made Me." Inspired by his recent Channel 4 show, "Our Farm In the Dales," which documented his family's return to their organic sheep farm in the Durham hills, the book captures the essence of his rural upbringing and the journey to secure the farm's future.

Matt's return to farming touched viewers, who followed his family's adventures. Sadly, in April, the Baker family experienced a heartbreaking loss with the passing of their beloved dog, Isla. Matt shared the sad news on the Farm On The Hill Instagram account, posting pictures and praising Isla's wonderful qualities. Fans expressed their sympathies and even recommended Paul O'Grady, a dog lover, to provide care for Isla.

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