Dua Lipa Shines in Saturday Night Live Episode Despite Overall Weak Performance
Dua Lipa Shines in Saturday ...
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Dua Lipa Shines in Saturday Night Live Episode Despite Overall Weak Performance

5 May 2024
2 min.
Dua Lipa Shines in Saturday Night Live Episode Despite Overall Weak Performance

SNL Season Finale Recap

The Season 49 finale of Saturday Night Live kicked off with a blend of topical humor and guest performances. The episode tackled sensitive subjects like campus protests and celebrity activism with mixed results, presenting a mosaic of sketches that ranged from sharp satire to misfires.

Roundtable Discussion on Columbia University Protests

The opening sketch features a televised roundtable where two white parents grapple with supporting their children's activism amid fears of protest aggression. Kenan Thompson's character hilariously flips his stance upon learning his own daughter is involved. The sketch cleverly tiptoes around the Israel-Palestine issue while satirizing parental hypocrisy.

Dua Lipa's Radical Optimism Explanation

Host and musical guest Dua Lipa explains her album's theme of "Radical Optimism" by attempting to spin audience members' problems into positive perspectives. The sketch amusingly spirals out of control when confronted by South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, showcasing Dua Lipa's versatility.

"Two Baddies from Task Rabbit"

Lipa and Ego Nwodim portray Task Rabbit hires recording sexy producer tags for a rapper, which escalates into darker humor about the rapper's personal life. This sketch pushes boundaries with sharper jokes than previous iterations.

The Anomalous Man

Set in Victorian London, this black-and-white drama takes a slow-burn approach, exploring an unlikely romance derailed by scandalous sexting. The sketch stands out for its unique setting and body-horror elements.

Greenville Morning Show

A morning show's banter about cicadas veers into a rap feud discussion, revealing the hosts' cluelessness. The sketch satirizes SNL's approach to current events, highlighting missed opportunities.

First Date with Doll Collection

Lipa and Marcello Hernandez star in a cringe-worthy date scenario involving a bizarre doll collection. The sketch aims for absurdity but misses the mark, becoming one of the season's weakest.

"Big-Ass Aluminum Tray of Penne alla Vodka" Commercial

This commercial parody humorously praises an unremarkable dish, reflecting the sketch's own middle-ground reception.

Weekend Update Highlights

Colin Jost and Michael Che deliver biting political commentary, notably critiquing Kristi Noem's controversial actions. Guest appearances by Chloe Fineman and a surprise Jerry Seinfeld bring mixed reactions.

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