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Sabrina Bryan Updates Fans on Cheetah Girls Cast Relationship Today

19 February 2024
2 min.
Sabrina Bryan Updates Fans on Cheetah Girls Cast Relationship Today

Revisiting The Cheetah Girls

Sabrina Bryan isn't content with letting her memories of The Cheetah Girls collect dust like Cinderella in a forgotten cellar. Instead, she's taking the reins, sharing her personal insights into the beloved film series.

As the actress behind Dorinda in the iconic 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie and its spinoffs, Sabrina's giving fans an exclusive peek into where she stands today with her fellow Cheetah Girls: Raven-Symoné, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, and Kiely Williams.

In an interview with E! News, Sabrina revealed that while she's remained close with Kiely, her connection with Raven and Adrienne has waned over time. "Raven and Adrienne and I have not really spoken too much," she disclosed, shedding light on the dynamics within the group. However, her bond with Kiely has stood the test of time, blossoming from the onset of filming and extending far beyond the screen.

Reflecting on their enduring friendship, Sabrina reminisced about the early days, recalling how their connection deepened throughout filming, performances, and even into their personal lives — culminating in Kiely standing by her side as maid of honor at her wedding, and vice versa.

Addressing the inevitable shifts that occur in relationships post-project, Sabrina acknowledged the natural ebb and flow of connection that comes with intense periods of collaboration. While there have been hints of tension in the past, Sabrina maintains a supportive stance, celebrating the achievements of her former co-stars and cherishing the memories they created together.

Sabrina said: "When you work with people and then you're together for so long and so much intense time and then they're not there after that."

From impromptu trailer chats to shared hotel room hangouts, Sabrina fondly recalls the camaraderie that permeated the set, likening their hotel stays to lively dorm rooms buzzing with activity. Now, she's channeling that sense of nostalgia into her iHeartPodcast Magical Rewind with Will Friedle, revisiting cherished DCOMs and Wonderful World of Disney movies.

And as for Friedle's own connections, he's not letting his Boy Meets World ties fade into obscurity either, revealing that he recently spent time with his on-screen mentor, Mr. Feeny, proving that some bonds truly withstand the test of time.

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