Maureen Lipman Criticizes Bafta's Decision on Gender-Neutral Awards
Maureen Lipman Criticizes Ba...
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Maureen Lipman Criticizes Bafta's Decision on Gender-Neutral Awards

12 January 2024
2 min.
Maureen Lipman Criticizes Bafta's Decision on Gender-Neutral Awards

Bafta Backlash

Maureen Lipman has raised concerns over the British Academy Film Awards (Bafta) offering nominees and winners the choice of the gender-neutral term "performer." This move, initiated in 2022, now extends to certificates, while the traditional Best Actor and Best Actress categories remain unchanged.

Policy Update

Despite offering flexibility in nomenclature, Bafta's recent policy update drew sharp criticism from Maureen Lipman, who expressed her identity as an "actress" unequivocally. In a candid op-ed for The Spectator, the Coronation Street star humorously suggested renaming Bafta to "Dafta."

Individual Identity Assertion

Lipman, at 77, asserted, “Thanks, but I’m not a gymnast or a juggler I’m an actress, and proud of it. Yes, you heard me: actress, you numbskulls at Bafta. Not a ‘performer’, as you now label us.” Her candid language reinforces her stance on retaining traditional gendered titles.

Adding Humor to the Argument

In a later section, Lipman playfully referred to herself as a “drama queen” but emphasized being a "queen" and not a "royal non-binary," adding a touch of humor to her criticism.

Comparative Insight

The copy aptly compares Bafta's stance to other awards like the Grammys, MTV Movie TV Awards, Berlin Film Festival, and the Brit Awards, providing a comprehensive context for understanding Bafta's decision.

Diverse Perspectives

Introducing Emma Corrin’s perspective as a non-binary actor provides a nuanced view on the challenges of fitting into traditional gender categories. Corrin's comment on the necessity of specific categories further enriches the discussion.

Latest Bafta Developments

The copy keeps readers abreast of recent Bafta developments, citing the 2024 longlists, with Oppenheimer, Barbie, and Killers of the Flower Moon leading nominations.

Upcoming Events

Closing with details about the upcoming release of official nominations, the awards ceremony date (February 18), and the host (David Tennant) anticipates the next milestones in the Bafta calendar.

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