Paloma Faith Reveals She Was Left 'Shaking' After Intense Exchange with The Voice Coach
Paloma Faith Reveals She Was...
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Paloma Faith Reveals She Was Left 'Shaking' After Intense Exchange with The Voice Coach

10 June 2024
2 min.
Paloma Faith Reveals She Was Left 'Shaking' After Intense Exchange with The Voice Coach

The Voice UK Scandal

In her memoir "MILF," British pop singer Paloma Faith reveals a tense encounter with a fellow coach on The Voice UK, involving a sexist remark that was edited out of the final broadcast.

Faith's book delves into her journey through motherhood, fame, and sexism, tracing back to her 2008 debut album, "Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?" She recounts a specific incident while coaching on The Voice UK, which coincided with her undergoing IVF treatment. The hormone therapy left her extremely emotional and sensitive, feeling as though she was experiencing the symptoms of fourteen menstrual cycles simultaneously.

During one filming session, Faith, attempting a light-hearted joke, pretended to fall asleep while another coach spoke. The gesture was misinterpreted, and the coach retaliated with a cutting remark, suggesting she had "probably got PMT" and calling her "rude." This sexist comment, though cut from the aired episode, deeply affected Faith.

Reflecting on the incident, Faith notes that under normal circumstances, she would have confronted the sexism inherent in attributing her actions to a "female condition." However, overwhelmed by the hormonal treatment, she felt unable to respond, compounded by the shame of being reprimanded publicly.

The situation escalated when fellow coach noticed her distress and suggested she take a break, offering to cover for her. Faith fled the stage and, in a state of extreme emotional duress, blacked out in the restroom. She later found herself on the floor, with her personal assistant comforting her.

The production team intervened, arranging a conflict resolution session with the other coach before filming resumed. Despite being shaken, Faith continued with the show, embodying the adage, "the show must go on."

While Faith refrains from naming the coach, context and past interactions suggest it might have been Boy George. Her account aligns with a 2016 on-air clash where she pretended to snore during Boy George's feedback to contestant Kevin Simm. The incident left Boy George visibly irritated.

Despite the public fallout, Boy George later downplayed the tension, emphasizing his long-standing friendship with Faith. He recounted their playful dynamic and subsequent reconciliation, affirming their mutual respect and ability to navigate each other's boundaries.

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