Parliament Introduces Groundbreaking Bill to Eradicate Workplace Bullying
Parliament Introduces Ground...
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Parliament Introduces Groundbreaking Bill to Eradicate Workplace Bullying

11 July 2023
2 min.
Parliament Introduces Groundbreaking Bill to Eradicate Workplace Bullying

Putting an End to Workplace Bullying

A new legislative proposal, the Bullying and Respect at Work Bill, has been presented to Parliament, aiming to address the pressing issue of workplace bullying and foster positive behaviors within work environments.

Overview of the Bill

The Bullying and Respect at Work Bill offers comprehensive measures to combat workplace bullying:

  • Legal Definition: Provides a clear legal definition for workplace bullying.
  • Reporting and Investigation: Establishes robust mechanisms for reporting and investigating incidents.
  • Respect at Work Code: Implements a code promoting positive behaviors and a culture of respect.
  • Enforcement Powers: Empowers the Human Rights Commission (HRC) for enforcing compliance.

Need for the Bill

Introducing the Bullying and Respect at Work Bill:

  • Clear Path to Justice: This bill provides a direct route for workplace bullying victims to seek justice.
  • Learn from International Precedents: Follow countries like Australia, Canada, and Europe in addressing workplace bullying.
  • Financial Impact on Employers: UK businesses face an £18 billion burden annually due to workplace bullying, with over 17 million lost working days each year.

Supporting Evidence

Research reveals the magnitude of workplace bullying in the UK:

  • An estimated 4.9 million people, constituting 15% of the UK workforce, have experienced bullying at work.
  • Such misconduct not only harms individuals but also takes a toll on businesses, leading to decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.

Endorsement and Support

The proposed Bullying and Respect at Work Bill has garnered support from advocates and campaigners:

  • Nicki Eyre, director of Conduct Change Advocates and Stop the Hurt at work campaigner, enthusiastically champions the Bill, recognizing its potential to address
  • workplace bullying and foster a culture of respect.
  • The proposal has already gained cross-party support, underscoring its importance and widespread recognition of the urgency to tackle workplace bullying.

Challenges and Limitations

While the Bullying and Respect at Work Bill represents a significant step forward, its progress may face obstacles:

  • Due to limited parliamentary time for backbench Bills, further advancement of the Bill in its current form may be challenging.

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